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Radara® Under-Eye & Crow's Feet

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- Targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area

- Unique micro-channelling patches & high purity hyaluronic acid (HA) serum

-  A deeper penetration of hyaluronic acid (HA) serum

- Restores skin elasticity and hydration

- No needles, pain, or downtime


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Radara® Under-Eye & Crow's Feet

Radara® is a novel anti-ageing regimen using unique micro-channelling patches and high-purity hyaluronic acid (HA) serum to repair, rejuvenate and replenish the eye area, diminishing wrinkles and restoring skin quality for a radiant, refreshed appearance.

What does it contain?:

The Radara skincare system consists of their innovative micro-channelling patches, and the active serum, containing a high purity, naturally-derived hyaluronic acid (HA) serum which is comprised of both a low and medium molecular weight HA.

radara patches

Unique, Patented Patches

Radara’s ultra-thin flexible, polymer patches are coated with microscopic plastic structures (similar to needles) less than half a millimetre in length. They feel bumpy to the touch and are not sharp or painful at all. When applied, these painlessly create thousands of tiny micro-channels in the skin, helping kickstart the skin’s own natural regenerative processes including new collagen formation to repair the ‘damage’. Although the patches contain no adhesive, the serum will hold the patch in the correct position.

The specially formulated HA serum can now reach the deeper skin layers where it restores the skin’s natural elasticity, hydration and support. This gives a smoother, firmer feel as well as gently reduces signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.



How it works:

The skincare system uses a mild micro-needling technique that delivers active serums deep into the skin, without actual needles, pain, or recovery time.

Over time the skin produces less hyaluronic acid, which causes a loss of elasticity and hydration. This results in the skin looking more aged, with fine lines and wrinkles, and skin sagging starting to appear.

When applied to the skin, nightly after cleansing, these patches painlessly create hundreds of tiny micro-channels in the epidermis. Radara’s specially-formulated HA serum is then applied (0.2ml delivered per pump action for each side of the face), and flows through the newly created micro-channels in the skin barrier to the deeper skin layers where it restores and replenishes the natural elasticity, hydration and support. The patch is then reapplied over the serum and left for a further five minutes. Skin feels smoother and firmer, and signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles are gently reduced.

The System:

The Radara system offers a painless approach to skin rejuvenation of the face, specifically around the outer eye area, for crow’s feet. The system improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin, and improves skin quality, with better hydration and elasticity.

Radara is a one-month regimen consisting of 30 pairs of rejuvenating, single-use, micro-channelling patches and a high-purity, naturally-derived hyaluronic acid (HA) serum, provided in a separate pump.

Radara apply


1. Cleanse skin thoroughly.
2. Remove a single pack of Radara™ patches from the box and tear off the logo panel. Notice how the correct-shaped patch will be used for each side of the face as presented,
using one side at a time.
3. Place a patch on the outer eye area. Once in position, firmly smooth the patch over the skin with finger pressure for five seconds - you should feel a painless sensation.
4. Replace each patch into the pack, needle side up.
5. Dispense a single pump of the serum onto a clean finger and firmly smooth over the prepared skin, focusing on the crow’s feet/patch area and being careful to not get any in the eye.
6. Repeat step 3 and now leave in place for five minutes.
The patches should now hold in place on the skin, however, try to minimise facial movements.
7. After five minutes, remove and dispose of the patches and wipe away any excess serum. Do not re-use patches


Positive effects can be seen within two weeks of treatment, with optimum results being visible following the fourth week of a treatment plan. The results last for four weeks following treatment, and it is therefore recommended that Radara be used every two to three months to achieve optimum results.





Clinical Data:

An 8-week trial independently assessed by clinical dermatologists showed:

- Significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles of up to 35% in four weeks, with noticeable improvements in just two weeks (depending on starting skin condition).

- Radara patches and hyaluronic acid serum were almost twice as effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles compared to using the serum alone.

- Radara continued to deliver results for up to four weeks post-treatment (improved skin quality, wrinkle reduction).

- Five-minute daily application with no downtime or adverse side effects - unlike traditional micro-needling, which may require pre-treatment anaesthetic and can lead to bleeding.


It is not suitable if you have a sensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their GP before undergoing any aesthetic treatment regime, including Radara.

Radara is not recommended for use to boost the effect of any other topically applied product; you should only use it in conjunction with the supplied HA serum.