Rosacea can be a very temperamental skin condition to treat. The initial treatment for rosacea is to avoid known triggers or factors that make symptoms worse. Read Cetaphil's Rosacea Guide which explains what aggravates rosacea and makes symptoms worse.

These factors can be unique to every individual but the most important step is to avoid exposure to the sun so apply sunscreen daily, preferably a physical or mineral sunscreen that doesn’t contain chemicals.

When it comes to a daily skincare regime, go for products that contain plenty of anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and barrier-protecting ingredients. I've listed the best (in my opinion) Rosacea skincare products:

1. Rosacea Cleansers and Toners (for am or pm)

It may seem like stating the obvious but a gentle skincare regime for rosacea sufferers is vital. A gentle, non-abrasive cleanser applied to a moistened face with fingertips - no flannel or mesh sponge which can irritate the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry (no harsh rubbing or pulling of the skin).

Orange to represent Vitamin C antioxidant serum

2. Antioxidants for Rosacea prone skin (morning)

Antioxidant serums are proven to help repair and prevent further damage to skin. Vitamin C is beneficial when managing rosacea as it can help fight inflammation, simply apply after cleansing in the morning.

3. Rosacea Treatment products (for am or pm)

Although there is no known cure, there are rosacea treatment products to help keep the condition under control. For mild rosacea, it's best to try topical treatments first, you'll need to apply them once or twice a day.

We have a great range of Rosacea treatments including creams, serums and masks to reduce flushing and swelling and restore clarity and smoothness to your skin.

4. Rosacea Moisturisers

A moisturiser that repairs the skin barrier and promotes healing is a great idea, especially if you suffer from rosacea. Look for a moisturising formula containing ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol, all of which will help minimise symptoms of redness, stinging and dryness.

Normal skin types:

Dry skin types:

Oily skin types:

Zenmed skincare product range for rosacea

5. Mineral sunscreen ideal for rosacea (morning)

Sun exposure is one of the main triggers that make rosacea symptoms worse so opt for a mineral or physical sunscreen to protect your skin.