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ZENMED - Facial Cleansing Gel

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- Get long-term clear skin
- Prevents pimples from popping up
- Zaps existing pimples faster
- Heals skin discoloration and skin damage.

WARNING - Amazon or Ebay are not authorised resellers of Zenmed products.

Only available for sale to customers living in the UK and Ireland

What can you expect from ZENMED acne treatments?

- Get long-term clear skin
- Prevents pimples from popping up
- Zaps existing pimples faster
- Heals skin discoloration and skin damage
- 100% doctor formulated products

This gentle cleanser naturally removes dirt, bacteria and excess oil, leaving your skin balanced and clear.

Morning and night, cleanse and protect your skin with our nutrient enriched gentle cleanser. With medicinal ingredients working to repair and strengthen your skins cellular structure, it also gently removes excess sebum, the main acne causing bacteria – to help prevent future breakouts. A unique fusion of healing botanical extracts, such as certified organic aloe vera, sage, chamomile, vitamin A & E and essential oils of rose and lavender help to nourish and restore balance - leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed

Trans-dermal delivery system optimizes absorption of active ingredients Maintains an optimal pH balance of 5.5
Supports natural protective mantle of the skin
Prevents follicular clogging
Normalizes secretion of sebum
Draws out impurities
Limits growth of causative bacterial agents

What Can I Expect?
This is a naturally-based formulation (Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Tea Tree) designed to remove oil, makeup, and unwanted residue from the surface of the skin while maintaining the skin's natural protective barrier. This is the first step in helping prepare the skin for using our Acne treatment products. Oil-free, alcohol-free, Doctor-formulated to be gentle to sensitive skin or skin undergoing aesthetic treatments like peels and Acne medications.


For all skin types, ideal for troubled skin suffering from acne or Rosacea. Removes makeup and oils without upsetting the skin

Apply to damp skin, massaging into face and neck in circular motions. Rinse well with warm water. Use up to twice daily. Avoid contact with eyes.

This regimen is created for daily use :
Cleanse with the Facial Cleansing Gel morning and night. After cleansing, use the AHA/BHA Complex like a toning lotion over the skin. The Derma Cleanse Acne Gel can be applied to the affected areas twice a day. The Sebum Regulating Moisturizer is a light moisturizer created to balance oils without adding greasiness or causing clogged pores. The products are ideal for use under makeup.

Do not use if pregnant - this product contains Vitamin A