ZENMED - Derma Cleanse Dietary Supplement

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Promoting a clear complexion from within

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ZENMED - Derma Cleanse Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules

Helps promote a healthier complexion from within. This herbal formulation based on Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, aids with the body’s natural elimination processes.
Recommended for anyone wanting an internal cleanse product to supplement their diet with. Ideal for those who desire a more holistic approach for treating their problem skin.

NEEM (leaf) – blood purifier/detoxifier, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
CHASTE TREE (fruit) – regulates hormone production, stimulates pituitary gland function, studies indicate that chaste can help control acne in teens, young women, and men.
FORSYTHIA (fruit) – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
GARDENIA (fruit) – anti-inflammatory, promotes blood circulation
HONEYSUCKLE (flower) – anti-inflammatory, brood spectrum antibiotic
RED DHALIA (root) – blood purifier
YELLOW DOCK (root) – anti-inflammatory, blood cleanser
BURDOCK (seed) – blood purifier, antimicrobial, lowers blood sugar, antibiotic
DANDELION (root) – supports proper liver function, removes excess
toxins, increases liver activity, contains vitamins A, D, C and various B complexes, rich in iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc and potassium CHAMOMILE (flower) – anti-inflammatory, stimulates immune system
SARSAPARILLA (root) – blood purifier, dispels infection and inflammation
MILK THISTLE (seed) – liver tonic, protects liver cells from chemical damage
SCHIZONEPETA (leaf) – anti-inflammatory, vents skin rashes, hastens
the ripening and termination of skin rashes and eruptive skin diseases, alleviates itching RED PEONY (root) – blood purifier

Take 1-3 capsules daily with meals; may be increased up to 6 capsules per day. It is recommended to consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new nutritional program. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing

Are the Capsules safe for use if you are pregnant?
We do not recommend using the capsules while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will These Capsules make your acne get worse before it gets better?
There is a chance your skin may break out a little bit because the capsules are causing your body to detoxify the body. Please be patient as this will not last long and you will start to see results within 3-6 weeks. Please be sure to drink plenty of water to speed up the detoxification process.

How many capsules should I be taking per day?
We recommend starting with 3-4 capsules per day and working up to taking 4-6 a day with 6 being ideal. The capsules are best taken divided up 2-3 times a day taken with meals.

How long will the two bottles of Capsules last?
The two bottles of capsules will last you approximately 4-6 weeks. Please note this time and allow yourself time to order more so there is no delay in your treatment.

Are the Capsules 100% Vegetarian?
Yes, the capsules are made from vegetarian ingredients and the capsule itself is made from vegetable glycerine.

How long will I need to continue taking the Capsules?
Optimum results in your acne should occur within about 3-6 months, depending on the severity of your acne. You should have no problems after discontinuing the capsules after this time; however some people take a maintenance dose once or twice a year for a month or two just to keep their body detoxified and their acne at bay.

This Product DOES NOT Contain:
Wheat (Gluten)
Animal By-Products
Non-Recyclable Packaging or Un-Necessary Packing Containers
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