Medik8 Press & Glow

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- Daily resurfacing PHA toner

- Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

- No AHA or BHA's

- Helps skin to better absorb active ingredients like Vitamin C and A


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Medik8 Press & Glow 

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PHA based toner for everyday use

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Next-gen PHA (polyhydroxy acid) gluconolactone is proven to be super hydrating - say a firm goodbye to flaky, sensitised skin that can sometimes arise after using exfoliating acids over time, it helps to create a perfected skin surface which is not only better at absorbing active ingredients like vitamin C and A, but also creates a better base for makeup. Press & Glow can be used every day, twice a day, leaving the skin visibly glowing, hydrated, and soothed. Press & Glow is using PHA 5.5% Gluconolactone. This toner is centered on PHAs only, with no AHA/BHA in the formula - perfect for sensitive skins.

Daily glowing skin is the ultimate skincare goal. When we get older, our skin cell regeneration cycle slows down as we begin to deplete natural exfoliation enzymes. AHAs and BHAs are key ingredients renowned for encouraging cell renewal, however, used every day at high strengths they can impair the skin barrier leading to sensitised skin. This is especially important to consider for vitamin A users who are already getting regular cell renewal. Overuse of AHAs and BHAs can potentially lead to reactions within the skin.

Medik8 saw an opportunity for a new innovative acid formula that caters to the desire for skincare acids, every day, twice a day. This is why they decided to make a PHA-based toner that is perfect for everyday use, in conjunction with vitamin A, to refine skin texture and keep congestion at bay without over sensitising the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Gluconolactone 5.5%: Perfect and most gentle way to renew skin cells every day helping vitamin A to penetrate into the skin more easily. It helps to enhance the skin’s barrier without causing sensitivity providing anti-ageing and gentle exfoliating benefits - similar to those obtained from AHAs and BHAs

Gluconolactone is found naturally in the skin and provides potent antioxidant protection

Prickly Pear extract: Natural enzyme activator which helps to promote the activity of natural exfoliation enzymes within the skin. As we age we decrease in the number of these enzymes, These enzymes break down the bonds between skin cells in the stratum corneum, Prickly Pear extract increases the activity of SCCE and SCTE both enzymes play a role in desquamating skin cells it also helps to stimulate the synthesis of cathepsin-D which helps degrade desmosomes at a low Ph, By stimulating the natural exfoliating enzymes it will increase the rate of desquamation and speed up cell renewal. Helping to improve the luminosity of the skin


Does Press & Glow sensitise the skin to the sun?

Gluconolactone is clinically proven to not increase sun sensitivity, unlike other exfoliating acids. For those with concerns about sun-damaged skin, living in sunny climates, or dedicated vitamin A users, Press & Glow is a great exfoliating acid toner that won’t put your skin at any additional sensitivity risk from the sun.

Should sunscreen be worn?

Yes, Press & Glow doesn't increase sun sensitivity but you still need to protect your skin from the sun. We will always recommend wearing sunscreen as part of your everyday regime.

Can you use Press & Glow with other leave-on acids?

We recommend choosing one leave-on acid (Press & Glow, Pore Minimising Tonic, Blemish Control Pads) to use in a single routine - either AM or PM. For example, if you regularly use Blemish Control Pads, twice a day as per our directions of use, and want to use Press & Glow, we would recommend you alternate which one you use in your morning and nighttime routine.

Size: 200ml


Twist the top half of the pump anti-clockwise until it clicks to activate. After cleansing, press a cotton pad firmly over Press & Glow and press down 3-4 times. Sweep cotton pad over the complexion, avoiding the delicate eye area. Twist the pump clockwise until it clicks to avoid leakage.

Follow with a Medik8 antioxidant product followed by a Medik8 hydrator.

Suitable for all types of skin

pH 3.7 free/active acid =  2.48%



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