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Alhydran 100ml - Medical aftercare for skin

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- A medical hydrating cream
- For the treatment of vulnerable skin
- Helps protect new skin
- Reduces dryness, itching & flaking with it's rich moisturing properties
- Restores skin’s suppleness
- Reduces the appearance of burns and scars
- Contains high quality natural ingredients

Alhydran 100ml - Medical after care cream for vulnerable skin

Alhydran is the go-to cream for your skin conditions, it can help with a range of issues as shown in the diagram below:

Uses of Alhydran cream


During the course of radiation sessions the skin is damaged and skin problems (radiation dermatitis) can occur at the radiation site:
- Redness
- Itching
- Dry skin (flaking)
- Burning sensation
- Blisters and wounds may appear
During and after the radiation period ALHYDRAN plays a useful role in treating the delicate irradiated skin.

Actinic keratosis 

Sun damage (actinic keratosis) can be treated with cryotherapy, Topical cream(5-fluorouracil) or photodynamic therapy (PDT).
ALHYDRAN is a highly effective after-care cream following actinic keratosis treatments.
- Soothing effect
- Effective, fast improvement in the skin reaction
- Reduces itching and redness


ALHYDRAN reduces the symptoms of burns (such as itching), increases skin elasticity and speeds up the repair of the scar tissue.

Laser Treatment

ALHYDRAN helps repair skin damaged by laser treatment. ALHYDRAN immediately soothes the skin, reducing itching, redness and pain in the damaged skin. In addition, ALHYDRAN helps prevent symptoms such as scar formation.


ALHYDRAN forms a protective layer over this important but delicate skin. It can be used to protect, hydrate and care for both the edges of wounds and the newly-closed skin.
- Protects and hydrates newly-closed skin
- Reduces unpleasant symptoms (such as itching)
- Increases skin elasticity

Dry Skin

ALHYDRAN provides immediate, long-lasting protection against excessive moisture loss. It hydrates the skin, makes it more supple and reduces itching. The protection provided by ALHYDRAN enables the skin to repair itself.

Key Ingredients of Alyhdran incude:

- 45% aloe vera gel which helps moisturise and penetrate the deepest layers of skin. 

- Ingredients to help heal damaged skin include Jojoba oil and vitamins E and C. 

How to apply Alyhdran & how many times:

Apply Alhydran to the affected area at least three times each day. There's no limit to how many times you can apply it so use it whenever your skin feels itchy, dry or irritated.

Thinly apply the cream and gently rub it in until it's fully absorbed into the skin.

Creams should only be used on healing, newly formed skin. Please do not apply on open wounds.