Sunscreens alone only protect skin from 55% of the damage from the sun, however when combined with a topical antioxidant, the skin is offered up to 96% protection.


Effectively formulated antioxidants can help neutralise UV induced free radicals not blocked by sunscreens

Protecting the skin from UV light is essential to the prevention of premature aging and skin cancers.
The level of protection provided by a sunscreen is defined as its sun protection factor (SPF) protection from UV light.
However sunscreens don’t protect you from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are natural by products that can be triggered by pollutants, sunlight, stress, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. If left untreated, free radicals damage surrounding healthy cells, break down collagen, accelerate aging and even contribute to skin cancer.

Antioxidants can be applied topically in the forms of serums or creams.
Topical Antioxidant serums such as Skinceuticals Phloretin CF or Skinceuticals - C E Ferulic help neutralise free radicals, lighten skin, stimulate collagen and are anti-inflammatory as well as improve overall skin health. You only need to apply it once a day and it cannot be washed off or rubbed off.
Antioxidants are also found in many of the other Cosmeceutical skincare brands. 
Jan Marini has the c-esta range containing superior Vitamin C formula for anti-ageing benefits.
Neostrata and Mene and Moy products combine Glycolic acid and antioxidant ingredients in their products.

Today, antioxidants play a central role in skincare, and they're one of the three fundamental ingredients recommended by a dermatologist next to sunscreen and moisturisers. Although sunscreen protection is an essential tool in the process of preventing skin damage from UV light, antioxidants work in a different way to prevent skin damage and promote healthy skin and of course continue to provide benefits at night. Topical antioxidants are are not a replacement for sunscreens in protecting yourself from premature aging, sun damage and skin cancer.
Using a antioxidant treatment and a broad-spectrum sunscreen can be one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from premature aging and to improve existing environmental damage on your skin.
Used together provides excellent protection allowing you to tan safely and keep sun related damage to a minmum.