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Heliocare 360 MD A-R Emulsion SPF 50 - Product Review



Using the Heliocare A-R Emulsion SPF 50 has been a nice addition to my usual routine. I was interested in this new product as I have very sensitive and reactive skin and occasionally sunscreens do tend to give me some issues.

heliocare ar

When I initially used this product I noticed that it is a thin fluid more than a cream that I am used to using. Due to the consistency the product comes out of the tube very quickly as it is a very thin fluid so I soon realized I needed to be cautious when squeezing it out. It does have a slight tint to it which I liked when it first came out. I used two fingers worth for my face, neck and décolletage as is suggested – this amount of product however, did make me look very pale and it took a lot of rubbing in. I had no irritation or flare up after the initial application, so once it was absorbed fully it sat nicely under my make-up.

The product does not have a scent at all which I liked, for me fragrance usually means irritation. I would prefer the consistency to be a little thicker as the fluid was so runny it tended to go everywhere and needed applying very quickly. I do have fair skin naturally but using a lot of this product did make me look very pasty so I started to use less to ensure a better coverage for my skin tone. I wasn’t particularly red or inflamed when I used this product so perhaps the coverage may be better if someone was particularly red. For me, the tint needed to be a slightly darker shade and then I would have worn it without make-up over the top of it. If someone were to have a darker skin tone then this product may look washed out on them.

The A-R Emulsion added a nice end to my daily skincare regimen – nothing pilled or didn’t sit well so I used it daily for 1 month to test out if it was to react to my skin or not. I had no reaction to using this. I did need to use a moisturiser underneath as it is not a super hydrating sunscreen so would be suitable for an oily skin too.

For the price I think this is a good sunscreen for very sensitive skin as sometimes this is hard to find one that does not cause a detriment to the skin. I would suggest using a smaller amount than advised just due to the coverage it gives. Also using a bit less meant that it lasted longer than expected for me.

Overall I was happy with this product – I would re-purchase for a winter sunscreen for the extra protection – for the warmer months I would personally opt for a darker toned fluid to match my skin tone.



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