SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

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- Multiple award-winning antioxidant product
- Provides unprecedented anti-aging benefits
- Suitable for normal to dry skin 

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SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum

This revolutionary antioxidant combination delivers an unprecedented 8 times the skin's natural protection against photoaging - neutralising free radicals, helping build collagen, and providing unmatched antioxidant protection. More protection means more youthful-looking skin and better defense against environmental aging. Containing 15% pure L-ascorbic acid and 1% alpha-tocopherol, the addition of ferulic acid doubles the already synergistic benefits of our original high-potency formula, C+E, transforming it into an unrivaled super-antioxidant combination.

- Sunscreens only block 45-55% of free radicals, leaving skin vulnerable to environmental damage
- C E Ferulic provides 8x photoprotection and unprecedented anti-aging benefits
- C E Ferulic reduces sunburn cells up to 96% in UV irradiated skin
- C E Ferulic prevents thymine dimers, DNA mutations associated with skin cancer


- Multiple award-winning antioxidant product
- Maximum anti-aging results; better than any one antioxidant alone
- Neutralises free radical damage and protects against oxidative stress; the factors that lead to premature aging, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation
- Once absorbed, can't be washed or rubbed off               

- This vitamin C serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours



Suitable for Normal to Dry

Once in the morning after cleansing, apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck, and chest. Follow with a moisturiser and sunblock. Daily application of this cutting-edge serum, along with the use of a broad-spectrum sunblock, offers ultimate protection from UV light and associated skin damage.

Breakthrough antioxidant combination of 15% pure L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), 1% alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E), and ferulic acid for advanced antioxidant performance.

Start low (application amount) and go slow (frequency of use). On any sign of irritation reduce the frequency of use until skin acclimates.

It can then be stored in a cool/dark place. Once opened use within 6 months.

Size: 30ml


What color should C E Ferulic be when first opened?

Upon breaking the plastic and opening, the color of C E Ferulic can vary, ranging from relatively clear to pale yellow to amber.

Due to the active ingredients inside of the formula, the product will begin to darken in color over time.

Please note that this does not mean the formula has become ineffective.

What is the scent/smell of C E Ferulic?

We do not use preservatives in our products. Since there is no fragrance added to this serum, what you are likely smelling is the natural scent of the vitamins within the formul

How should I store C E Ferulic after opening?

Please store C E Ferulic at room temperature and away from extreme temperature drops or increases, such as a hot car or in a freezer. While it is likely okay to store your C E Ferulic in a fridge, there is no added benefit or longevity to this storage method. Please also store C E Ferulic away from direct sunlight.


Water, Ethoxydiglycol, L-ascorbic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Laureth-23, Alpha Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Ferulic Acid, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate rhRp8QGmghM