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PFB Vanish - PFB Vanish roll-on gel 93g

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- PFB Vanish eliminates ingrown hairs
- Unique roll-on gel formula 93g

WARNING - Amazon or Ebay are not authorized resellers of PFB Vanish products.

The First Line of Defense for Ingrown Hair

pdf vanish ingrown hair treatment 

PFB Vanish™ is a unique, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. It contains natural antibacterial willow bark extract and camphor oil to stop ingrown hair infections before they start, combined with hydrating exfoliation from glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids. The soothing and smoothing ingredients reduce inflammation, release ingrown hairs and produce bump-free skin.

•Physician endorsements
•Produces results in 24-48 hours
•Roll-on applicator "never comes in contact with your hands"
•Gel formulation - no waste of product
•Non irritating
•No chalky white residue
•Contains more exfoliating ingredients
•Herbal scent
•Cool feeling
•And most importantly... IT WORKS!

Available in sizes: 2oz/60 ml & 93g


Apply PFB Vanish as directed below.

Start by applying every other day only.

Cleanse your skin with warm water using your fingertips, then rinse thoroughly and blot dry. Don’t scrub or rub dry with a towel.

Wait a full 10 minutes, then apply the Roll-On sparinglyas directed below, in the absence of irritation.

Swipe only once onto the affected area, then massage into the skin until gel is fully absorbed.

Wait ten minutesafter application, then proceed.

On the face, neck and scalp:Apply a moisturizer like Lumen8 Lotion, which will help brighten the skin tone.Wait 10 minutes, then apply a full-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen during the day.Reapply often when exposed to continuous sun.

On the body:Apply a moisturizer like Lumen8 Lotion, which will help brighten the skin tone. Lumen8 Lotion can be used twice daily.Apply a full-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen to all exposed skin during the day. Reapply often when exposed to continuous sun.

On the underarms:Wait for gel to dry 100%, then apply a fragrance-free anti-perspirant or deodorant.


For best results, and to prevent irritation, excessive dryness, and rebound darkening,see below.

Applythe Roll-Onsexactly as directed, in small amounts, massaged into the skin in the absence of irritation.

Don’t roll product onto the skin in a back and forth motion to create a thicker coat.Thick coats can cause stinging, redness, excessive dryness, peeling and skin discoloration. Mild flaking is normal. Don’t attempt to scrub off flaking skin.

Don’t forget to massagegel all the way into the skin.

Don’t apply more often than directed.

Don’t apply to irritated or broken skin.

Don’t use PFB Vanish, PFB+Chromabright or PFB Ultra if pregnant or nursing.

Exfoliation:PFB Vanish contains exfoliants, so additional exfoliation in unnecessary and may contribute to unwanted side effects.

If you wax or sugar, use cool to warmtemperaturesonly. Don’t use hot wax!

If you shave with a blade, be gentle, use a clean blade, and replace after 1-2 uses.

Skin brightening products are ‘tyrosinase inhibitors’ which help shut down the over-production of melanin on skin that’s been compromised by inflammation, shaving irritation, sun exposure, friction, trauma and/or product overuse. Theymust be used as directed on a consistent basis to be effective.

UV Protection: It’s imperative to apply full-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen to all exposed skin during the day. Reapply often when exposed to continuous sun. Don’t be fooled by overcast skies.

PFB Vanish, PFB+Chromabright, PFB Ultraand Lumen8 Lotion (are also fortified with Chromabright) target and dramatically brighten darkhyperpigmented skin cells when used as directed. Results vary and may take 4-6 weeks to see visible brightening effects.



Do not use if allergic to aspirin. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY AND BREAST FEEDING.


Apply a sunscreen daily when using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA's).