Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment 10g

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- Reduces redness surrounding scars.
- Relieves itching and pain associated with scars.
- lightweight, non-stinging, self-drying, waterproof, odourless, and colourless.

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Biodermis Xeragel Silicone Ointment 10g

Xeragel scar reduction gel is a revolutionary solution for individuals seeking to minimize the visibility of scars. As the gold standard in clinical scar management, silicone is endorsed by the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, and Xeragel is their top recommendation. This cutting-edge silicone gel effectively flattens, softens, smoothes, and reduces the appearance of scars, irrespective of their age or origin. Xeragel's efficacy extends to a broad spectrum of scars, encompassing those resulting from surgery, injuries, burns, keloids, raised, superficial, and hypertrophic scars. Expect a substantial enhancement in the visual aspect of your scars with Xeragel. Its unique formulation revitalizes and shields the skin, lessening inflammation and refining its overall texture. Bid farewell to unsightly scars and embrace radiant, unblemished skin with Xeragel.

•    Reduces redness surrounding scars.
•    Relieves itching and pain associated with scars.
•    Xeragel  is a lightweight, non-stinging, self-drying, waterproof, odourless, and colourless.
•    Helps the scar become smoothed, soothed and enhanced.
•    Forms a barrier around the scar that prevents exposure to bacteria.
•    Helps prevent abnormal scars from forming.
•    Appropriate for adults and children and all skin types.
•    Xeragel has no side effects with proper use and can be worn under cosmetics.



Don't use Silicone gel & sheets together. You can use a silicone sheet at night & Silicone gel during the day. 

Apply Xeragel once the wounds have completely closed up.

After cleaning the affected area, pat dry and gently spread a very thin coat of Xeragel over the site.

Apply several times daily for 8-12 weeks or until scar stops responding.

After application, wait 8-10 minutes for the gel to dry. 

Before and after acne scars
Before and After Images

Before and after facial acne scarring
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