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TAN Cream - Product Review


Want to protect your skin from sun damage but still like to have a tan? Now you can…

Tancream has been developed using a unique formula of sunscreen and sunless tanning agents to create an innovative product to help reduce the rise in skin cancer. Offering this alternative to traditional suncreams gives users protection from the sun whilst being able to develop a gradual daily tan. Skin Cancer is the fastest growing Cancer in the UK and most common in women between the ages of 15 and 35. It claims nearly 2,000 deaths every year in the UK and over 55,000 worldwide. Wearing sun cream will help reduce your risk of premature aging and skin cancer.


Tan cream

-Developed by leading UK sun care experts

-Endorsed by leading UK Dermatologists

-Apply generously to FACE and BODY as part of your daily morning skincare routine before dressing to keep your skin hydrated and nourished

-Use daily for SPF50 and 5* UV protection for your skin

-The gradual self-tan will develop throughout the day for a natural glow

-The bronzer gives an instant warmth to your skin

-Tancream is non-sticky and odour-free

-Great coverage for blemishes, age spots, and scarring


I absolutely love Tancream! This is my go-to skincare product for the summer.

Being able to develop a safe suntan whilst being sun-protected - what more would one want!

Tan cream


Tancream is easy to apply and soaks into the skin really well; it doesn’t streak and offers a very natural-looking tan.


I love how it helps even out my uneven skin tone, hydrates, and of course, protects my skin.

The product does not have any particularly nasty smells and a little goes a long way on application.


This instant bronzer provides a natural-looking tan and I am happy to use it as my day-to-day facial and body moisturiser as it gives my skin a lovely healthy glow.


Tancream is a must-have this summer and I am looking forward to enjoying this summer fully protected!

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