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Eneomey Purify Masque 10 Product Review

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After the first use of this masque, I saw immediate results on my skin. My complexion was smoother and more radiant. The areas where I usually have excess oil were mattified and my complexion was noticeably brighter.

I have combination skin, with sensitivity in certain areas so I was initially hesitant to use this product due to the 15% glycolic acid, I was unsure if it would irritate or dry out my skin. What I found, however, was not the case! It is a purifying product designed for the absorption of excess sebum and that is exactly what it does. My target areas for excess sebum are my jawline, chin and lower cheek area and the application of this mask was a lovely addition to my existing routine.

I used this masque twice a week for the first 2 weeks and I found that my congested areas had clearly improved and so I then used it once a week to maintain the benefits I had gained. As I mentioned, with having sensitive skin, I felt that dropping down to using it once per week suited my skin better to prevent any irritation or dryness. Doing this complimented my skincare regime perfectly as a weekly treatment.

One of the best things about this masque is that it is so quick and easy to use with real results. I left it on my skin for 2 minutes upon each use and was impressed by my results after such a short application; which is so convenient when you don't have much time. Also, because you only need a thin layer, the product will last for several treatments which is always something I am looking for in a product - how long is this going to last me?!

Another benefit is that the texture of my skin since using the Eneomey Purify Masque 10 has really improved. The chemical exfoliation component of this product is one of the best accompaniments I have used in my routine. I will continue to use this because my skin feels so much smoother now, especially in those targeted areas of excess oil.

If you are looking for a home treatment with real benefits for oil control, this masque is ideal to use. The time it takes to apply is super convenient for a weekly treatment and you will both see and feel the difference in your skin. With the use of this product alongside a routine suited for your skin and a sunscreen every day; this masque is brilliant for targeting acne and congested areas of the face. It will certainly be a staple in my skincare regime.



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