Walnut size cleansing cream

Whether you choose a gel or a cream cleanser, a size of an hazelnut  amount is all you need. (one pump)
Foaming cleanser a size of a golf ball.
A 200ml bottle should last between 4-5 months,  twice daily use.
Apply a cleanser with a damp hand and gently massage over face. Leave on the skin for a few minutes then rinse face throughly and pat  dry.




4 drops of vitamin C serum on hand

Only 3/4 drops are required every morning. With oily based Vitamin C Serums you need less than water based ones.
A 30 ml bottle  will last around 3 months, used once  a day.
Apply after cleansing directly on the face - a drop to forehead, a drop to the cheeks etc OR apply to finger tips and apply over the whole face.




Pea size amount of retinol on hand

A pea size is only required with Retinol products at night time. A 30ml tube will last around 3/4 months, used once a Night. 

It can cause irritation, so start by building up retinol use slowly to help skin to adapt. Use a retinol cream every third night for a week, then alternate nights for a week before going for nightly use. Retinol may cause increased sun sensitivity, so you should wear sun screen while using any product containing retinol.
The irritation tends to improve after a couple of weeks. Generally if you introduce it slowly you don’t get irritation.
If you experience  dryness you need to treat it by using a hydrating moisturiser or using retinol every other night  instead.Always wait half an hour at night before applying your moistursier after the retinol & make sure you are using a sunscreen in the morning.




5p next to moisturiser of same size on a hand

A size of a five pence piece for a full face and neck application.
A 50 ml jar will last you 3/4 months, used twice a day. 




Rice grain size of eye cream on hand

A size of a grain of rice for each eye. A 15 ml tube will last 5/6 months of nightly application. Gently apply under the eye area and along the brow bone, avoiding eyelids. 




10p and 10 pence size of scrub next to it on hand

A size of a ten pence piece . Will last 5/6 months with twice weekly use.




1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen

1/4 teaspoon for just the face (1/2 face & neck)
 Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and repeat every 2 hours with prolonged sun exposure.