Shield Your Skin From Sun

People living in the tropics are blessed with sunshine all year round and tanned skin is a perceived sign of health. But did you know that your radiant tan is really a sign of skin injury?

Our skin produces melanin, a brown pigment that’s designed to protect us from the sun’s
ultraviolet—that’s UV—rays. But even melanin won’t shield your skin from the sun’s harm if you don’t use extra protection. And if you have acne, you’ll need to love your skin even more.

What Sun Exposure can Cause

  • Uneven skin pigmentation, which may appear in various forms:
    • Irregular skin coloring
    • Age or liver spots
    • Dark brown spots on the lips
    • Irregular reddish-brown areas, most commonly seen on the neck and chest
    • Bumpy patches of rough skin in varying color, commonly found on the
      1) Face, 2) Ears, 3) Hands and forearms
    • Dark flat spots that will get bigger and darker, commonly seen on exposed body parts, including face, hands and legs
    • Redness or mottling of the skin
    • Wrinkles, creases and sagging skin
    • Weaker immunity
    • Skin cancer

Sun and Acne can Cause:

  • Formation of blackheads and whiteheads (comedones)
  • Increased development of oil-producing glands
  • Skin aging
  • Acne scarring.

Protect Your Skin

  • Do avoid lengthy exposure to the sun, especially at midday
  • Do apply sunscreen
  • Do consume less carbohydrates
  • Do use the correct cosmetic products to ensure your skin is properly cleansed and moisturized.

Wanted: Safe, Easy-to-use, Effective Sun Protection

Manage Sun Damage and Acne with PapulexTM

PapulexTM UV High Protection Cream can help protect your skin from irritation and damage due to sun exposure. The complete PapulexTM product range provides an effective skin care regimen that not just manages acne but minimizes sun damage. It is an effective two-in-one that will help you love your skin again.

Manage acne effectively with the unique triple-action formula in PapulexTM that helps to:

  • Target different acne-causing factors at the same time
  • Reduce unsightly acne blemishes and scars
  • Decrease skin irritation, inflammation and oiliness
  • Prevent growth of acne-causing bacteria

PapulexTM is easy to apply and safe for long-term day-and-night usage.

  • Our research has shown using PapulexTM does not irritate your skin or cause other side effects.

You can use PapulexTM UV High Protection Cream alone or in combination with other products.

  • Whether you need facial or body care, daily cleansing or specific spot correction, simply choose the PapulexTM product that best suits your needs.
  • After just six weeks of use, 85% of specialists found PapulexTM to be effective for acne management, and 99% of patients saw skin improvement.
  • Using it in synergy with traditional acne treatments can produce even better results.