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Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo Product Review

Read what Rachel has to say...
I love Olaplex products. So, when I found out that Olaplex had created a purple shampoo for blonde, lightened and grey hair types, I couldn't wait for it to officially launch. I was very excited and would say that this is probably the most exciting launch since the game changer and best selling No.3 came onto the market a few years ago! My hair is bleached in a balayage style so, my roots and the top of my hair is my natural colour and then my mid-lengths to ends are bleached and then blended into my natural root. In the past, this sometimes causes an issue that the shampoo will lift my bleached hair but also accidentally turn my natural root a strange colour as well!
I've tried tons of purple shampoos over the years from cheap, traditional brands to high-end brands that promise the world but none have ever really wowed me.... until now. I use the whole Olaplex range regularly anyway, however, if you are new to Olaplex then No.4P Blonde Enhancer offers all the same benefits as the original No.4 Bond Shampoo including- increased moisturise levels, enhanced shine, and of course, the patented technology that helps to maintain your hairs strength and health between salon appointments so you can get a taste of this amazing brand!
I began using it and my immediate reaction was how nice it smelt- usually, purple shampoos have a scent that you just have to put up with. I applied it from root to tip as I usually would with any shampoo and then left it to work for around 3-5 minutes. This is a really important stage and the longer you leave it the better, however, there is no need to leave it on for any more than 10 minutes. Afterwards, I rinsed it off and finished with my usual No.5 conditioner and then blow-dried. You can see for yourself the difference in my before and after photos and not only did the product work but my hair felt amazing too (purple shampoo is notorious for stripping the hair)!: 
Another bonus is that any regular purple shampoo user will be very (unfortunately) familiar with the slightly purple-stained fingernails that you suffer from afterwards. Then, once the staining starts to disappear, it's time to use it again so it is a never-ending cycle. Well..... I had NO staining using this product! A game-changing product that you must experience for yourself to see the difference. 
I previously reviewed Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector (that you can read here) which I also rated extremely highly!! 
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