Do You Know What You are Putting On Your Skin


 Fake, counterfeit or contaminated skincare products have become a real concern in the Advanced Skincare industry and is something that I feel very strongly about!

You really do need to be wary of where you buy your skincare products from; not only to make sure you get the real thing, but also to ensure you are getting the right advice with it.

You can be assured that at Dermacare Direct, all our products are genuine and we source our stock only from official UK distributors.

We are official stockists of all our Advanced Skincare products. Please beware of fake, out of date or tampered products being sold on eBay and other unauthorised stockists’ websites.

As official stockists, the prices of all our products are set by the distributors or manufacturers and we have to adhere to these prices.

There are lots of sites out there slashing prices. They would not be allowed to do so if they were official stockists. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

We are fully trained & approved by all our skincare brands, so you can rest assured you are getting the right advice for your products.

We provide personal advice, recommending the right products for each specific skin type or problem, and give information on how to use them, to ensure safe and proper use of these cosmeceutical products.

Please make sure you are buying from a trained, approved stockist.

If you feel unsure about who you are buying from, call or email the UK distributors and they can confirm whether they are genuine approved European stockists or not.

At Dermacare Direct, we form strong relationships with our customers to make sure quality comes first.

When purchasing from us, we want you to be reassured that you are getting a quality product & service that goes further than all of our competitors.



Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner




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