Brush On Block Translucent SPF 30

- A mineral powder sunscreen designed for everyday use and easy on-the-go application

- No greasy texture, messy hands, or white residue

- Suitable for the whole family, can be applied all over the body and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins

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Brush On Block Translucent SPF 30

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*Please note- 07/22 This product has been reformulated by removing Alumina and Honeysuckle Extract and a change in the percentage of active ingredients. However, it remains an SPF 30.

Broad Spectrum, invisible everyday sun protection for the whole family!

Brush On Block® SPF powder was created to help encourage every man, woman, and child to wear sun protection daily. Brush on Block® provides SPF 30 Broad Spectrum protection. With its easy brush-on application, you’ll be able to use it often, re-apply it with ease and take it everywhere for effortless on-the-go sun protection whenever you need it. Brush On Block® face powder with SPF is perfect for all your everyday activities – golf, tennis, walking, soccer, trail running, and more.

Brush On Block® powder sunscreen contains the naturally-occurring active sunscreen ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, to provide full-coverage, invisible, natural mineral sun protection that you simply brush on. No more messy, greasy lotions, sticks, and sprays. It offers a fast, convenient and effective way to protect everyone’s skin from the sun every day.

Brush On Block® sunscreen powder is non-irritating, sweat, and water-resistant and comes in a patent-pending, self-dispensing brush. Unlike chemical sunscreens which work by being absorbed into the skin, Brush On Block® features natural minerals which sit on top of your skin and reflect the sun’s rays away from your body. Since it is not absorbed into the skin, Brush On Block® is less likely to irritate the skin or clog pores, making it ideal for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Protection
- Sweat and water-resistant
- No chemical sunscreen ingredients
- Suncream powder, no greasy mess
- Doesn’t sting eyes
- Goes on over or under makeup
- Non-irritating and won’t cause breakouts
- Easy and convenient
- Portable self-dispensing brush
- Great for bald heads
- Ideal for men, women and children

Brush On Block powder SPF is great for both men and women as it is a portable compact powder with SPF, easy and convenient to use. It gives a slight matt finish to the skin and is virtually translucent – great on very fair to very dark skin.

Size: 3.4g. A 3-4 month supply.




Active ingredients : Titanium Dioxide 8% Zinc Oxide 14% Inactive ingredients: Boron nitride, Chamomile Flower Extract, Green Tea Extract, Iron oxides, Mica, Rice Lipids, Rice Starch, Safflower Oil, Silica, Stearic Acid, Triethoxycaprylsilane

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