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NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration - Product Review


A potent night cream formulated to restore the skin's essential cells, rebuild the deep skin matrix and reduce oxidative damage for skin that is firmer, more lifted and vibrant.

•Apple Stem Cell Extract helps to delay the effects of ageing
•Peptides enhance collagen and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles
•Glycolic Acid increases collagen production for plumper, fuller skin
•Maltobionic Acid and Gluconolactone help repair damage in deep skin layers
•Grape seed extract and SuperFruit antioxidant extracts of pomegranate, blueberry, and acai protect against cell ageing


I was excited when asked to try one of the Neostrata Skin Active range products and even more so as they won the Best Cosmeceutical Range Award at the MyFaceMyBody Awards!

It is wonderful to find a night time moisturiser that is packed with powerful ingredients that work together to address all the visible signs of ageing!

It was easy to dispense, applied nicely, absorbed quickly and had a non-greasy feel to it. I didn’t really notice much of a scent.

I haven’t noticed any major changes to my skin - maybe a bit more of a glow, but it has only been a month since I have been using it.

One thing it has done is ‘prevented any new lines & wrinkles'!

And as you know, a month isn’t a long time. I would imagine after 3 to 6 months of continuous use you would be happy with the results.

What I did notice was that it didn’t feel it was hydrating enough for me at night. I think most people would need a richer moisturiser in the winter months. However, it is perfectly fine for use underneath my sunscreen in the morning.

What’s great about this moisturiser is that it contains active ingredients that protect, repair and rejuvenate the skin - all in just one product!

I really like NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration and I would use it again as my night time moisturiser, probably during the summer next time.

And yes, I will be trying another of the Skin Active products now. The eye one is very popular!


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