Boys Catch The Beauty Bug!

It would appear that the modern man has been bitten by the beauty bug.
Gone are the days when men got home from work, gave themselves a quick wash with soap and water only to appear in the local five minutes later.
Today, as the male population thrust themselves into the 21st century a seemingly more rigorous hygiene routine is in place.

Men's grooming products seems to be really taking off, with the wide variety of male skin care products on the market.
UK sales of male beauty products have grown by a third in just five years.

The key difference between men and women’s skin is that men shave. Shaving damages the stratum corneum, reducing skin barrier function and skin hydration, making the skin feel tight and dry. Men are more vulnerable to sun damage because men tend to stay out in the sun longer, experience more sunburns and use fewer sun protective measures than women.

Skin products for men should have ingredients that reduce redness, inflammation, irritation, fine lines and wrinkles.
Of course, male skin products should have the ability to protect the skin from the suns damaging rays.

Ingredients to avoid:
Alcohol ingredients (Ethanol, methanol) can dry out or even irritate your skin.
Mineral oil is another item to avoid. It ends up clogging the pores and then causing acne, and dryness.
Fragrances should also be avoided. These are often toxic or even carcinogenic which may result to irritation, rash or hyperactivity.

Ingredients to look for:
Anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, moisturising factors and of course UV protection.

Market research indicates that men want products that work.

It is not just personal hygiene that is top priority in the mans life.
Today, skincare, hair care and dare I say it, manscaping (that is removal of all manly hair) are all routine.