male grooming


Do men need their own special range of men’s products? Not really, since they would essentially contain all the same ingredients as products targeted at women – except that the packaging and marketing is changed to make the product appear more masculine.



However, men’s skin is naturally different to women’s – men’s skin tends to produce more oil and is more prone to breakouts than women’s skin.

Additionally, shaving can cause issues like irritation, ingrown hairs and dryness caused from using shaving foams and creams.


As with all good skincare routines, products containing ingredients which will target your own specific skin concerns should be used.

So ideally, you should be choosing products ready to treat ingrown hairs and which will help to reduce inflammation & irritation from shaving. Dryness should also be targeted, but without clogging pores which could lead to spots and breakouts. Using a sunscreen daily all year round to protect from UV rays is highly advisable. And of course if there are any wrinkles present, anti-ageing ingredients should be used to help diminish the wrinkles.

Everything you need to look groomed and feel your best. 


– At-home professional standard microdermabrasion device
– Uses aluminium oxide crystals and vacuum suction

– Designed specifically for a man’s skin to help reduce enlarged pores, eliminate ingrown hairs and smooth rough skin. 

TIP: Exfoliating should be one of the key steps in your skincare routines if they want to keep your complexion looking smooth and youthful.

AnAll-in One skincare solution for men!

Neostrata Ultra daytime smoothing cream SPF23 – leaves skin smooth, moisturised & protected.

Provides sun protection, moisture, exfoliation, antioxidant, and textural benefits in one!! 

Tip: Sun Protection is key all year round – not only will it help to protect you from skin cancer, but will also prevent the outward signs of ageing.


Shaving ingrown hairs and avoiding razor bumpsneedn’t be a pain with PFB range.

PFB Vanish Unique roll-on gel formula with Glycolic, Salicylic andLactic acids eliminates ingrown hairs fast.

Tip : Exfoliating daily is key to managing ingrown hairs.
The most effective exfoliating ingredients to help manage and prevent ingrown hairs are Salicylic acidproducts, as well as Azelaic acid & Glycolic acid.


DermaTx Clarify Microdermabrasion & Cleanser duo to keep skin blemish free

Clarify deep purifying cleansing gel – use daily to exfoliate the skin’s surface to unclog pores and reduce oil.

DermaTx Clarify at-home Microdermabrasion System

Twice weekly intense exfoliating treatment combines professional grade Corundum Crystals and acne fighting Salicylic acid to reduce surface oil, enlarged pores & blemishes.

Tip :

Salicylic acid is a real miracle ingredient for targeting blackheads and breakouts, which helps to clear your pores by removing dead skin cells and reducing sebum.

(Needs to be used daily)


Hair loss & balding 

With the passing of years, most men tend to lose their hair or get thinner hair fibres. 

Sesderma has a wide range of products ideal for good hair care: serums,lotions, shampoos, blisters capsules… intended to treat and prevent hairloss.


As well as eating the right foods, research indicates that exercising more and reducing stress may slow down hair loss.