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How To Cover Blemishes And Scars Fast

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"How to cover up spots" is one of the most highly searched terms on Google. Here within this blog, you can learn how to do it correctly however, the first and most important thing to address is: Do not squeeze the spot!

As tempting as it may seem within the moment, not only are you at major risk of causing skin infections but it is highly likely to leave post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which makes the healing process take so much longer.

A lot of popular articles provide a lot of information on how to tackle acne and how to get rid of it, but what about how to cover acne and the scars that it can leave behind?

Well, We Have The Answer

While it can feel like all you see when looking at your skin in the mirror, we are sure that most people don’t even take a second glance. However, we truly understand that acne scarring, and scarring in general, can hugely affect someone’s self-confidence and cause psychological stress so we are here to do something about it.


Start With Your Foundation

When you wear makeup, we always recommend starting with foundation rather than concealer. This will help to begin the process of evening out your skin tone and creating a perfect base without it appearing cakey. You may even find that you don’t actually need as much concealer as you first thought.

A foundation with buildable coverage and a matte finish will prevent drawing any unwanted attention to areas of concern and is likely to last longer on the skin throughout the day.

Whether you choose a liquid foundation or powder foundation is totally up to you. Loved by makeup artist Hannah Martin, we recommend delilah Alibi Fluid Foundation for a flawless, natural finish. Oily and combination skin types will also love the mattifying properties of Alibi to soak up oil and sebum overproduction throughout the day.


Still Suffering From Breakouts?

If you are still suffering from breakouts as well as experiencing scarring then we love using oil-free Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation. You can find 2% Salicylic Acid in the ingredient list to effectively help to unclog clogged pores and reveal clear skin more and more with every single application.

Struggle to find your right shade when purchasing online? Don't worry, Oxygenetix offers a really helpful Colour Matching Card so that you can colour match yourself correctly in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Top tip: To minimise how much you touch your face, which can lead to making more bacteria and acne worse, we recommend using makeup brushes to apply your makeup and ensuring you wash them weekly as a minimum.

Learn how to clean your makeup brushes like a professional here


Next Up, Concealer

Next, grab a flat brush like Priori Concealer Brush and a full-coverage concealer and press on the areas being treated. Avoid blending here as we want to build and layer product directly onto the affected AND the surrounding skin. The surrounding skin is often inflamed and reddened as well so also needs concealing.

A common mistake made is only applying the concealer directly onto the area and nowhere else, this can have a negative effect and actually draws more attention to the area of concern.

If a concealer alone isn’t cutting it when it comes to hiding a spot or a scar, we feel you. That's why colour correcting exists. Leave the green concealer alone and choose Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer instead. A corrector designed to deal with very dark circles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and bruising. You can use it alone or use it as a corrector and follow up with a separate concealer over the top.


If All Else Fails...

If all else fails; you've tried many times but still feel like you can't cover the blemishes on your skin then be alternative instead and turn it into a stylish beauty spot. All you need to do is grab a (clean) brown eyeliner and cover up the blemish with it. Redness and inflammation = gone!

Afterward, tap your newly formed beauty spot with your fingertip to press it into the skin slightly and make it look more realistic.

Don't Forget To Lock In Your Hand Work

Don’t forget to lock in all your hard work and avoid allowing products to slip out of place by using a finishing powder. We love Jane Iredale Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder to hold everything together. Key ingredient Rice Starch soaks up and eliminates any excess oil. Simply press over your complexion once everything else is applied with a large, fluffy brush.


You need to find products and techniques which work for you and practice, practice, practice your technique. It might mean spending a little more time in the morning on your routine but it will most certainly be worth it for the results that will be achieved afterward if you suffer from acne-prone skin or scarring.

If you need some further expert tips regarding covering blemishes, makeup, or this article, feel free to ask us! All the products featured above are available to purchase at Dermacare Direct with free tracked delivery via Royal Mail. We can help with our expert advice and top tips making your makeup shopping stress-free. You can contact us by live chat, email via [email protected], or pick up the phone now and call us on phone number 0116 251 4848 to speak directly with a friendly advisor.

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