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CLINICCARE Dermo Corrective CC Cream SPF 50++ Product Review

CLINICCARE Dermo Corrective CC Cream SPF 50++
I love finding and trying new products and this product has been flying off our shelves for a while now so I really wanted to try it for myself and see what the excitement was all about! Named as an all-in-one multi-perfecting cosmeceutical grade corrective... a day cream, moisturiser, soft foundation, and high protection sunscreen it sounded perfect for hectic mornings when you want to cut down time spent getting ready as much as possible! 
In terms of shade range, there is only one shade as it's a corrective cream rather than a foundation. It's labelled as a 'medium' shade on the outer packaging of the bottle but it is actually a universal, shade adapting colour. I always worry a little about these 'universal' or 'shade adapting' products as they tend to come off way too pink on my complexion. but, to my surprise, it wasn't. It was a lovely neutral shade with a very slightly warm tone to it which is exactly what my yellow toned skin requires. 
It's also suitable to be worn post-procedure (i.e think after chemical peels, dermal fillers, IPL, laser, and microneedling) so I can see the warm tone effectively helping to tone down any redness, irritation, or swelling that might happen on the surface of the skin. I think it would also be great for rosacea, pigmentation or acne skin types that have a lot of high colour and discolouration.
There was no scent that I could detect and it didn't irritate my extremely sensitive eyes at all, even when using it very closely.
CLINICCARE Dermo Corrective CC Cream SPF 50++
Did you know that the recommended sunscreen amount to protect the full face and neck is 2 full finger lengths of product? So, of course I tried using it like this but I found it to be *very* full coverage which, if that's the finish you like, it looked lovely and I would highly recommend it (to be honest, I couldn't believe just how much coverage it provided!). However, in the daytime I prefer something a little lighter so I applied my regular sunscreen all over first instead and then dotted the CLINICCARE across my complexion where I felt that I wanted it. I much preferred it this way and still felt confident that I was protected from the sun. 
It felt completely weightless on the skin. Some foundations can feel heavy and you can't wait to get home and take it off but I really couldn't feel it throughout the day at all. It had a slight luminosity to it as well which looked really pretty. I love that it also leaves a lifting and tightening effect on the skin. I liked applying it with both fingertips or a makeup brush (I find it's personal preference anyway) and the shade adapting colour helped to ensure that it blended into the skin beautifully - no tide marks round the hair or jawline.
Overall, a really great product and I now understand its popularity. It's won me over! It's a really great product for someone that doesn't like or doesn't want to wear full foundation. It removes a lot of products from your morning routine and does exactly as it states on the bottle.
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