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Cliniccare cosmeceuticals were founded by Swedish scientists and doctors using advanced formulas offering immediate and visible results.  
Cliniccare’s skincare is based on fine molecular hyaluronic acid, antioxidants & Epidermal Growth Factors, which are the key ingredients of their products. Smaller molecules in the active components mean that the skin can absorb these ingredients even better. 
Natural repair of skin cells is directly dependent on levels of hyaluronic acid, which, unfortunately, decline as you age. This leaves the skin more susceptible to toxins and all processes that require hyaluronic acid deteriorate. That’s why it’s so important for anti-ageing formulas to include hyaluronic acid.
All Cliniccare products are manufactured in Korea and contain at least 40% active ingredients or more.
Their products treat a range of skin concerns like oily & blemish-prone skin, ageing, dry sensitive and sun-damaged skin. 
All Cliniccare skincare products are designed to provide long-lasting deep skin hydration and are all vegan, cruelty-free and non-comedogenic.


Soothing products for sensitive and blemish-prone skin, anti-inflammatory and pore contraction effect regulates the production of sebum and smoothes the structure of the skin.


Formulated with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatic, this lightweight lotion provides problematic skin with the right amount of nutrients and moisture to calm inflammatory conditions such as acne. It also helps to balance excessive sebum production while anti-bacterial agents prevent the onset of breakouts, to leave the skin healthy and clear.

STEP 2 -X3M EGF Pure Essence 

Formulated with powerful antioxidants including Green Tea Extract alongside hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, this facial essence is designed to soothe and correct problematic skins. It removes acne-causing bacteria from the surface and minimises inflammation to create a calmer, more harmonious complexion.
Containing a blend of strengthening Niacinamide, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and soothing plant extracts, this serum successfully tackles pimples, large pores and acne-induced inflammation to create a calmer, more harmonious complexion. Designed to provide non-greasy hydration, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth while helping to combat the development of pimples and congestion.


The product line prevents unnecessary pigmentation, blocking the ageing mechanisms, providing an antioxidant, nourishing and calming effect. It restores tired and dull skin damaged by to much sun and excessive stress.

Clinicare Glow

STEP 1 - X3M EGF Glow Liquid (Toner)

Lightweight and refreshing, this gently corrective liquid targets Tyrosinase within the skin to help control melanin production and lighten uneven pigmentation caused by excessive UV exposure. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid provides deep down hydration while peptides stimulate collagen production, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth with a brighter, more radiant appearance.

STEP 2 - X3M EGF Glow Essence 

Developed with Arbutin and Mulberry Bark Extract, this potent facial essence targets and controls excessive melanin production to minimise the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Added Hyaluronic Acid provides deep down hydration to keep the skin smooth and supple all day. With consistent use, skin becomes clearer, smoother and more radiant.

STEP 3 - X3M EGF Glow Serum 

Enriched with corrective Arbutin and Mulberry Bark Extract, this powerful serum targets the most common forms of hyperpigmentation including age spots and sun damage. It also helps to minimise excessive melanin production while revitalising a dull complexion to leave skin looking clearer and brighter. Added Hyaluronic Acid plumps and hydrates the skin, to leave it looking even and radiant.



Antioxidant-rich products will give you deep and long-lasting well-hydrated skin. A highly concentrated combination of active ingredients helps to improve metabolic processes in cells and stimulate collagen synthesis. The line regenerates tissue and provides calming effects.

Clinicare Refresh

STEP 1 - X3M EGF Refresh Liquid (Toner)

Designed to revive tired skin, this lightweight moisturizer provides deep down hydration while supporting the skin’s protective moisture barrier to reinvigorate lacklustre skin. Added antioxidants help to combat the effects of harmful free radicals and prevent environmental damage, to bring out the skin’s natural radiance for a fresher, healthier-looking complexion.

STEP 2 - X3M EGF Refresh Essence

Enriched with a very high concentration of low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, this essence-style moisturizer provides impressive dermal hydration while added antioxidants energise and refresh the skin, leaving it with a healthy radiant glow. Anti-bacterial extracts minimise irritation and help to calm stressed skin to leave it looking and feeling calm, alongside active ingredients which work to stimulate collagen production.

STEP 3 - X3M EGF Refresh Serum

Formulated with nourishing and supportive ingredients, this powerful anti-ageing serum restores health to damaged tissue and strengthens the skin’s immune system to create a fresher, healthier-looking complexion. It also helps to soothe sensitive areas and minimise inflammation caused by external stressors and UV exposure.

CLINICCARE Serums would be great to DermaRoller with.

Additional products:

CLINICCARE Concentrated Cleansing Foam

This foaming gentle cleanser removes impurities, excess sebum and make-up without causing irritation or disrupting the skin barrier. Infused with potent moisturising and collagen-boosting ingredients to provide soothing and hydrating benefits.

CLINICCARE Dermo Corrective Cream SPF 50++

An all-in-one repair and corrective cream which also acts as a soft covering foundation, moisturising day cream and SPF 50 sun-screen.

CLINICCARE Sun Shield Cream SPF30

Formulated with powerful plant extracts, this daily sunscreen provides both UVA and UVB protection while keeping the skin hydrated for up to 13 hours.

CLINICCARE HYAL+ Lip & Eye Renewal Cream 

This potent lip and eye cream helps diminish all signs of ageing around the delicate lip and eye area, including wrinkles and crow’s feet.

CLINICCARE Energizing Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

The CLINICCARE Energizing Hair Shampoo & conditioner has a unique complex of energizing ingredients to prevent and treat hair loss and thin or weak hair by combining hair growth stimulation with powerful moisturising elements.

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