5 Reasons to Invest in Luxury Make Up


Considering Investing In High-End Makeup? Here’s Why It’s Worth It:

Luxury makeup in the cosmetic industry is growing faster than anyone could have anticipated... Whether you prefer to browse the beauty hall of a famous department store or find yourself spending the evening scrolling through page after page of a beauty website; you have probably once thought why do some cosmetic products, which may all appear to look the same from first glance, have such different price tags?

Can a lipstick which you can purchase with some spare change really be *that* good?

Yes, some products can seem like an investment but the benefits are vast. Here are just some of the reasons why we feel that it is justifiable to pay that little bit extra for the products that you apply to your face...


  1. The brand has invested knowledge, expertise, and money...

A low price point suggests that it is a mass product that the brand has created very quickly without much thought. A higher price point reflects the time and money which has been invested in a product launch but also, the research that has been conducted by scientists, dermatologists and industry experts along the way. In addition to this, innovative ingredients vary hugely in price and luxury brands will always choose the best quality ingredients possible (plus the skincare ingredients to avoid) and ensure that the right amount of active ingredients are included within the formula in order for them to be effective and stand up to their marketing claims. If you find that the advertised ‘key ingredient’ is right at the end of the full ingredient list then you can be sure that there has been hardly any used. So, in essence, you do get what you pay for!


  1. Better application and better pigment...

I’m sure we have all at some point eyed up and purchased an inexpensive eye shadow palette but when it came to the application... the colour payoff just wasn’t there. Not only that, the colours dragged on your delicate skin making application a chore and then a few hours later the eye shadow had all but disappeared anyway! When it comes to luxury eye shadow palettes like delilah Colour Intense Eyeshadow Palette Jezebel the highly pigmented shades easily glide onto the eyelids and last all day. The shades are formulated with high-quality pigments to ensure every application is as rich as the last. Good pigments = good, long-wearing colour payoff.


  1. Better longevity...

High end foundations always stand the test of time when it comes to longevity. Affordable make up, complexion products in particular, may look nice once first applied but quickly tend to wear off on the skin during the course of the day and begin to look patchy. High end foundations on the other hand often hold strong claims such as a 24 hour wear and have added skin care benefits. Due to this, your products are also bound to last longer due to there being less need to touch up any uneven areas throughout the day.


  1. Better packaging and applicators...

Luxury products always look more pleasing when you pull them out of your make up bag, right? But not only aesthetically, the products are very well made so you are very unlikely to experience a smashed palette, a broken mechanism or general product faults during the duration of its life. As well as this, high end items usually offer (if needed) a quality brush or appropriate applicator too rather than a standard, out-dated produced sponge. These applicators make a huge difference in how your make up will look and the latter will struggle to apply product well.


  1. Help and advice from qualified consultants...

When purchasing high end products, there is always somebody qualified to help you both before and after the sale whether that is physically in front of you in store, on the end of the phone or available via a live chat service when purchasing online. You are investing in their knowledge and expertise too. You can be sure that the person will be able to advise you on whatever your query may be- colour matching you to the right foundation, choosing you the correct style of lipstick, or working out what blusher will look great on you. Low price point items are generally self serving and there is no aftercare if you need further help afterwards.


Our team here at Dermacare Direct are experts in makeup whilst specialising in our own hand-picked brands delilah, Jane Iredale and Colorescience. It’s clear that high end makeup is the way to go which is why we have helped thousands of customers just like you over the years, to achieve the finished look that they have always dreamt of. If you want help with your makeup bag and/or don’t even know where to start then please contact us! We provide advice on all aspects of beauty so that you can be confident and feel your very best in any situation.

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