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SALISES is a product line based on free and liposomed salicylic acid that address all conditions associated with acne-prone skin.

Oily skin is shiny, unctuous and consists of open pores. Sebum has a different qualitative and quantitative composition causing water/lipid imbalance.

There may be a tendency to acne, intense scaling of inflammation and redness. In all these cases there is a lack of linoleic acid while other components such as squalene are over expressed. Linoleic acid is a ceramides, which waterproofs and protects the skin , making it less sensitive to irritants and fissures.

Lipid bubbles, as they are rich in linoleic acid, liquify sebum and reduce sebum secretion, prevent keratosis; they also possess regenerating anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They counteract fatty acid imbalances characteristic of greasy skin. Lipid bubbles normalize lipid ratio by increasing the proportion of linoleic acid and reducing squalene.

They can be especially beneficial in conditions where there is a lipid and bacterial imbalance and are associated to inflammation.

These conditions undergo outbreaks during treatment, it is therefore necessary to tailor treatment to each individual patient's medical needs.