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Hyla 3D Activating Complex – Product Review

13th February, 2018


Jan Marini’s Hyla 3D Activating Complex – Andrea’s Review


HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is one of the key ingredients that everyone needs in their skincare regime, even more so in the winter months.

As we age our body loses the ability to produce and maintain the same level of HA as when we were younger.

There are several HA products on the market but the Jan Marini Hyla3D Ha Activating Complex is no ordinary HA product.

 – Hyla3D is formulated with multiple forms of HA, resulting in deep penetration and rapid but long-lasting continual hydration.

 – The advanced technology formula is designed to augment your own HA within the skin.

 – Added peptides & antioxidants result in long lasting hydration, and enhances the body’s production of HA.

All skin types can use it. Apply before your moisturiser. 2 pumps of the serum is enough for face & neck.

Andrea says:

“This is not like any other HA serum I have used except the SkinCeuticals HA. This doesn’t just hydrate on the surface of the skin, but deep into the skin as well, plumping and restoring volume and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The serum is a yellowish, light and thin gel that is soaked in instantly. It feels so light, and my skin definitely looks firmer, smoother, plumper & really hydrated (dewy!!).


I am a massive fan of SkinCeuticals HA but I am loving the Jan marini Hyla3D even more!

This is definitely staying in my skincare regime.”

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