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Heliocare Color Gel Oil-Free – Product Review

22nd November, 2018

Heliocare 360 º Color Gel Oil Free evens skin complexion and helps mask imperfections. Its a very high full spectrum protection (UVA PA++++ • UVB SPF50+ •HEVL • IR-A) thanks to a combination of chemical & mineral filters and specific ingredients.

Enriched with Fernblock® FC, it provides powerful anti-oxidant and repair activities. It protects, evens skin tone and hides imperfections, providing a natural, healthy looking finish.

Designed with an oil-free formulation and sebum-regulating ingredients for a dry touch, matte effect.

Contains Fernblock®FC powerful photo-immuno protection.

Kate’s Review:

“ I always look for a sunscreen with a tint as I don’t like to wear foundation daily so I was really pleased to put this one to the test!

It surprised me to begin with just how smoothly and nicely it applied to my skin. It goes on as a fluid, however very quickly sets and gives a dry touch. 
I really like the fact it has added vitamin C & E and green tea for antioxidant protection.

It’s perfect for anyone who hates white, heavy sunscreens as its oil free, non comedogenic, ultra light and really does have a instant dry touch.

I can sometimes be a little dry so I was concerned it might be too light for me however with my usual moisturiser underneath it felt nice. So I would certainly advise for combination skin but I wouldn’t recommend for more of a dry skin as it might be too light.

The colour was a little darker than I would usually go however once blended it really warmed to my skin tone giving me a healthy glow.  “

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Available in Beige or Bronze 

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