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iS Clinical Summer Duo

19th August, 2019

The suitcase essential kit from iS Clinical Summer has arrived, as has the season for summer getaways! Whether you’re turning… Read More

Priori Tetra SPF Colour Guide – Product Review

14th August, 2019

Do you want a sunscreen that does more than protect against UV? Cosmeceutical brands are right there when it comes… Read More

Tan Cream SPF 50 – Product Review

12th August, 2019

A unique face and body premium skincare and sun protection lotion, TANCREAM combines instant bronzing, gradual self-tan with the essential… Read More

Can a Supplement Like Heliocare Protect Your Skin from the Sun?

11th August, 2019

Before I start I would like to make it clear that taking an oral antioxidant doesn’t replace applying a sunscreen… Read More

Heliocare 360 Color Cushion Compacts

9th August, 2019

What’s different about Heliocare 360°? The Heliocare 360° range takes sun and daylight protection to the next level, providing protection… Read More

Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray – Product Review

7th August, 2019

The Heliocare 360° Invisible Spray is a large, 200ml aerosol that’s perfect for use on the body. Once applied it… Read More

What’s The Difference Between Heliocare & Heliocare 360°?

6th August, 2019

Heliocare 360 – The ultimate photo and antioxidant skin protection   What is Heliocare 360°?   Heliocare 360˚’s revolutionary formulation… Read More

 BAPSCARCARE T Silicone Sheet – New Product

3rd August, 2019

BAP SCAR CARE T is a medical, self- adhesive, thin and transparent, self-adhering silicone sheet for the treatment of old… Read More

Ingredient Spotlight- Peptides

31st July, 2019

The Power of Peptides – Anti ageing miracle   What are they? Peptides are found naturally in skin.  Peptides are… Read More

Ingredient Spotlight: Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

29th July, 2019

What it is? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep… Read More

Ingredient Spotlight: Glycolic Acid

25th July, 2019

WHAT IS GLYCOLIC ACID? Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, which belongs to the alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) family ― along with… Read More