It really comes down to personal choice! Both products are very similar in terms of overall effectiveness. In other words, if both products are consistently used as directed, both should perform the same. To achieve maximum benefit from either, it is important that the product be in contact with the skin as much as possible over the recommended course of treatment (approximately 12 weeks). The product that is most convenient for you given your preferences and lifestyle is the one you should choose.


Silicone sheeting

  1. 1. Very effective at reducing the size and intensity of scars.
  2. 2. Available in different sizes and shapes for all types of scars & can easily be cut to appropriate size for individual needs.
  3. 3. Dermatix fabric sheeting has flesh coloured backing to blend in with surrounding skin (clear silicone sheeting also available).
  4. 4. Can be applied underneath pressure garments.
  5. 5. Can be re-used over time if cared for properly.
  6. 6. Difficult to use on certain areas of the body such as joints, skin folds and facial features.
  7. 7. Must be cleaned on a regular basis, as sticky surfaces tend to attract debris.


Silicone Gel

  1. 1. Very effective at improving the size and intensity of scars.
  2. 2. Available in different sizes for varying types and sizes of scars.
  3. 3. Can be applied easily and conveniently to just about any area of the body.
  4. 4. Is clear in appearance so nobody knows you are wearing it.
  5. 5. Only a small amount is needed… a little goes a long way.
  6. 6. It is a bit tacky/greasy but if a little time is taken to wipe away excess then this shouldn’t prove to be much of an issue.
  7. 7. Since it is clear, the scar remains visible whereas the sheeting covers and hides the scar.

The product that is best for one may not necessarily be best for another. Both products are highly effective and both are very popular. I would say most people seem to prefer the silicone gel over the sheeting for its overall ease of use. Ease of use typically leads to better results, as patients are more likely to consistently follow the recommended treatment plan when a product is more convenient for them to use.