Lady cleansing or washing her acne-prone face

1. Applying acne treatment just to the spots

Not only does acne treatment products help heal the exsiting spot it also helps to prevents new spots.

Apply acne treatment product over your whole face.

2. Squeezing spots

Squeezing spots can spread infection, making the skin worse resulting in scarring.

Don't touch!

3. Not using sunscreen every morning

Even if the weather is cloudy, the UV rays get through. This can result in changes in your skin colour and texture, wrinkles and fine lines appearing earlier and an increased possibility of developing skin cancer. A sunburn can dry out pimples temporarily, but it can end up making you break out even more, because your skin reacts to the drying effect of the sun by producing even more oil.

Apply a broad spetrum sunscreen/daytime moistursier every morning of at least at SPF30. choose one that says non-comedogenic on the bottle to ensure it doesn't block pores.

4. Inconsistent use of acne treatment products

Acne treatments are only effective if used once or twice a day, everyday not a few times a week.

Remember, you can't cure acne - just control it.

5. Not using a moisturiser because you have oily skin.

Everyone needs to use a moisturiser even if you have oily skin.

All cleansers, even water, take out some level of moisture and especially acne products can be very drying too. Using a moisturiser will replace this, protect your skin from increased irritation and infection and protect your skin barrier.

Go with a moisturiser that won't add oil or a greasy feel or go for a serum instead of cream moisturiser.