ExfoliationBenefits of exfoliation

With so many benefits, exfoliation is an important part of your skincare regime. Primarily exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin and this process stimulates the growth of new elastic fibres & collagen in the deep basal cell layer of the dermis. These new cells are plumper, firmer and have more moisture which gives you a healthy and radiant glow, as these cells haven't been exposed to the elements.

By exfoliating the top skin layers it also helps for better penetration of other treatments and skin products to get further into the skin so they can be more effective.

If you suffer from acne, exfoliation will help remove blackheads, white heads and unclog pores

How exfoliation helps different types of skin:

  • • With oily skin, the oil tends to saturate the dead skin cells, which makes it difficult for these dead skin cells to fall naturally.
  • • Dry skin tends to let dead skin cells accumulate too quickly, which can make skin look dry and dull.

Whether it's once or twice a week exfoliation needs to become an on-going regular treatment and become part of your skincare regime to maintain the results and keep removing those dead skin cells. Dead skin cells stop the production of new skin cells which means that instead of your skin getting better, it actually begins to worsen if the dead skin cells are not removed effectively.

Don't forget that you should be applying sunscreen daily as part of your skincare regime, but it's even more important when protecting fresh, new skin.


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