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Why do I get Acne?

Acne can result from a number of causes including stress, lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance. It's generally agreed that there are 4 main physical factors that cause acne:

  1. 1. Inflammation in and around the pores of the skin.
  2. 2. Excess sebum (oil).
  3. 3. Clogging of the pores as a result of dead skin cells.
  4. 4. Bacteria in and around the pores.

Acne myths answered

  • • Acne is not contagious.
  • • Acne is not caused by poor diet.
  • • Treating existing spots alone will not prevent future breakouts, an ongoing regimen is necessary to manage acne-prone skin.
  • • Scrubbing the skin does not cure acne but can in fact irritate the skin, causing it to produce more oil and cause more breakouts.

Acne can present in different forms

There’s something about having great skin that helps you feel more confident. But when acne starts to become a problem, you may find yourself becoming a little less positive.
Blackheads appear when the opening of the pore is blocked with oil and dead skin cells. Blackheads are not a result of dirt on the skin. The black appearance is the result of oxidation that gives the material in the hair follicle the typical black appearance.
Blackheads - Acne
Whiteheads occur when the opening of the pore is completely blocked. The hair follicle fills with oil and dead skin cells giving the appearance of a slightly raised white head.
Whiteheads - Acne
Papules are inflamed reddish bumps on the skin that do not have a head. Papules are associated with inflammation and can be tender when touched.
Papules - Acne
Pustules are similar to papules except they appear as an inflamed red circle with a white or yellow pus-filled centre.
Pustules - Acne