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Product Review – PCA Skin C&E Strength Max

13th March, 2018

PCA Skin C-Strength Max

C-Strength contains a stable and effective vitamin C and E topical for skin strengthening and brightening, as well as for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

This powerful formula pairs 20% vitamin C with 5% vitamin E.

To be honest it felt a bit strange using PCA Skin C-Strength Max at first as I am not used to applying a vitamin C cream in the morning. I generally like to use a vitamin C serum every morning as it absorbs instantly so I can follow with my other products.

However, I was surprised to find how non-greasy it felt and how easily was it was absorbed.

There was no horrible smell, I didn’t feel any tingling or irritation when applying it either.

I may even alternate now between the C E Ferulic & the PCA vitamin C & E.

  If you compare the price, it is cheaper than the SkinCeuticals C E and also that it contains 20% Vitamin C rather than 15%.

As with most vitamin C products, the results are not instantaneous: it really is more about it protecting your skin every morning from environmental, free radical damage.

I find myself surprised to say that I really liked PCA Skin C-Strength Max and will be using it again! I am not saying that it wins over C E Ferulic, but it does come very close.

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