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AQ Skin Solutions GF Vaginal Rejuvenation System

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- Relieve vaginal dryness and soothe irritation
- Improve elasticity, tighten and firm the vaginal walls
- Enhance female sexual arousal and intercourse
- Rejuvenate vaginal function utilizing Growth Factor (GF) technology

Breakthrough solution for vaginal rejuvenation

VRS is a breakthrough solution for vaginal rejuvenation. Through Growth Factor technology, the VRS serum serves as part of the body’s natural lubrication, which consists of thick fluid that is deposited to contact the walls encircling the vagina.

VRS rejuvenates the vagina by helping to restore the body’s natural vaginal function. Further, VRS can help women achieve heightened vaginal sensations. VRS is formulated and designed to hydrate the interior vaginal walls and create a tightening effect, thus allowing more sensation and youthful resilience to an important part of the body.

Contains : 6 vials/tubes 4ml

Rejuvenate vaginal function utilizing Growth Factor (GF) technology
Improve vaginal dryness
Improve over all vaginal condition secretion and odour
Improve blood circulation
Improve sensation during sexual intercourse - 73% of tested women
Maintain a vaginal PH of 3.8 - 4.2
Improve mucosa wall
Improve menstrual cycle

Hold firmly at the thick end of the applicator, and gently insert the open end of the applicator to the affected area. Squeeze the thick end of the tube firmly to deposit VRS serum.
Repeat 3 times a week or more if necessary
Pelvic floor muscle exercises will enhance the benefit