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SKIN TECH - Melablock HSP SPF 30 Suncream

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· Reflects UVs (physical Block)
· Absorbs UVs energy (chemical Block)
· Anti oxidant (free radicals Block)
· Protects skin proteins against cooking under sun temperature
: Heat Shock proteins protection (“HSP”) fights sun related skin ageing



Active ingredients:
Physical sunscreen agents
Chemical sunscream agents
Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) inducer
Antioxidants - anti inflammatory agents

Activation of the natural synthesis of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) which defend the skin against protein destruction and thermal cell lysis which occur after an increase in temperature of just a few degrees. Sun block with micronised titanium dioxide combined with a blend of stable chemical sun filters. Protection against more than 98% of UVAs and UVBs. Daily protection specially designed for use after peelings, laser, pulsed light or demabrasion treatment.

size- tube 50ml

Reapply every 2 hours

For more information please click on SKIN TECH Sun Protection Brochure