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Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C is a proven, beneficial addition to your skin care regimen.
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The regular application of skin care products containing antioxidants can be very beneficial, especially in combination with sunscreen, in protecting against the damaging effects of the sun. An antioxidant helps to promote skin rejuvenation by reversing free radical damage caused by the sun and natural ageing. It also aids in stimulating collagen production within the skin and may also help lighten sun spots. The benefits of antioxidants go far beyond their effects on keeping the skin healthy. It has been suggested that consumption of antioxidants can play a key role in the prevention of cancer.

Topical Vitamin C serum and Cream is the most popular antioxidant.
So what can Vitamin C do for us?
- Protect skin cells and the skin’s support structure from UV-related damage
- Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
- Strengthen skin’s barrier response
- Reduce inflammation
- Promote collagen production
- Lessen hyperpigmentation
- Boost the efficacy of sunscreen actives