PMD Replacement Red Discs - Very Coarse

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- Personal Microderm Red Replacement
- Discs 6 pack (2 large body, 4 small facial) and 1 black replacement filter.
- Coarse Grit aluminum oxide coated tip.

Professional Results at Home

Choose your level of exfoliation intensity for customized results. Levels range from White (Extra Gentle) to Black (Most Exfoliation).

The red are the most popular discs and for our most experienced Personal Microderm users. These discs are intended for coarse skin and deliver a very intense treatment.

Personal Microderm Red Replacement Discs 6 pack (2 large body , 4 small facial) and 1 black replacement filter. Coarse Grit aluminum oxide coated tip.

Who It's For

For people with normal to very coarse skin that have used the PMD for an extended period of time and would like an intense level of exfoliation.

How To Use It
Securely place a disc on the PMD Device. Use on your face, elbows, hands, feet, or wherever you have uneven skin tone/texture. Works well on surface scars.Smaller discs are for the face, larger discs are for the body

Replaceable Discs for Consistent Results
(3-4 uses per treatment)
After three or four treatments with the PMD Personal Microderm, the exfoliating discs will begin to feel less abrasive and effective than during the first treatment. When the treatment is no longer yielding the desired results, it is time to replace the old disc with a fresh, new one. These disposable discs deliver convenience and continuously high-quality results, making it easy to consistently uncover beautiful skin.

Patented Spinning Disc Technology
The PMD Personal Microderm uses a patented spinning disc technology to deliver revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments and unmatched, brilliant results. The patented disc spins as it glides across the skin and provides a beautiful treatment without having to manually scrub the PMD against the skin, which many other microdermabrasion devices require.

Why Aluminum Oxide Crystals?
Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element that is extremely hard, second only to diamond. These crystals are completely hypoallergenic and prevent the possibility of any allergic or adverse reaction. The aluminum oxide embedded discs provide the most effective results available, and they completely eliminate the possibility of spreading bacteria that may cause breakouts or irritations, which is a risk when diamond tips are used.

Not just a treatment, YOUR treatment
By embedding the aluminum oxide crystals onto each disc, the PMD Personal Microderm provides a unique exfoliating treatment that no other microdermabrasion system can. While most microderm tools contain only one standard intensity level, the PMD Personal Microderm discs are offered in five different levels of exfoliation. With five disc intensities, the PMD Personal Microderm allows for complete treatment customization; whether extremely sensitive or precisely intense, there’s a perfect setting for every skin type.

Disc Sizes for Optimal Results
While the benefits of microdermabrasion for the face are radiant, they aren’t limited to just this area. The Personal Microderm allows for facial and body treatments by offering both small and large disc replacements. The small exfoliating disc easily treats the face, including hard-to-reach areas such as the nose and chin. The small disc also offers greater suction control, which is ideal for treating difficult or sensitive areas throughout the face.

Don’t Forget the Body
Don’t limit the radiant benefits of microdermabrasion to just the face. With PMD Personal Microderm, achieve the same luminous, radiant results when treating the chest, arms, legs or feet. The large body discs cover a greater surface area to more quickly treat the body. The larger body caps also create a stronger suction, and these caps allow the calibrated suction of the PMD Personal Microderm to effect more skin. This increased suction effect promotes new cell growth and breaks up adipose tissue, resulting in smoother, firmer skin for the entire body.

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25 Reviews

Louise bradford

Makes my skin feel very soft


as described and ideal for requirememts


Great product albeit expensive for what it is. Each head lasts 4 uses approximately. However much cheaper than going to a salon and getting microdermabrasion.


Great product, exactly what I wanted, my skin feels really smooth, noticed huge improvement.


Only used produce once so far and instruction did was very helpful. Skin feels great and would recommend to anyone looking girls more 'polished' complexion


Used this weekly and i can see my spots fading


I have suffered with acne for nearly ten years now and have been left with a lot of scarring. I normally have a microdermabrasion treatment in a salon once a fortnight at £60 a treatment, it was getting far too expensive so after researching this product I decided to hesitantly try it. I'm so glad I did! I've used a couple of other home microdermabrasion systems before but had unsatisfactory results. With the PMD I get the same results as I did in the salon at a fraction of the cost and time! I cannot rate this highly enough!


I like this product. I've got an open pore skin type so I've bought this to try, so far only used once but really good and can feel the difference. I am going to use this once a week from now on.


Good quality product. Am hoping to see excellent results but have only used once so far, so early days!


I have suffered with my skin for many years now and at £55 pound a treatment, salon microdermabrasion every two weeks was extremely expensive. Now I no longer go to a salon. I use my PMD at home and it's just as good if not better.


I use pmd red disc once a week to reduce dark spots post acne. I have moved up to this because other discs were of no use. But this has definitely helped me to fade marks. I have used it only twice and see the difference. Definitely recommend it.


is what it is - thanks


Product was of high quality


It has been a year I have purchased the PMD tool and the results have been amazing. I have been using the green discs but decided to use the red one for a more intensive treatment. I can definitely see the difference. very happy with the product and will continue to purchase the red discs now.


pas encore testé mais ravis de la présentation


I use this product on my pmd device ; they work as they should.


I originally started out with what I was given in the kit which was the sensitive and normal disc. They both didn't work at all for my skin, I saw nothing. So I just bought these. They work really well and the result are amazing my skin is brighter and my creams absorb better which means they work.

Mrs Mrs

Finally moved up the red ones. Work really well for me.


Exactly what i was expecting! ! The red discs are perfect as I have a thicker skin and able to tolerate a more abrasive disc.

Mr Abeba

Worked better than a visit to the salon !




Very sore


I've only started using it so won't see result until a while yet. Will recommend it to my sister!


Bought these for my partner to use because the blue or green discs just weren't doing anything, these work brilliantly for him!

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