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Omnilux Clear-U Red and Blue Light Acne Therapy

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- Medical technology and clinical effectiveness
- Decreases inflammation and pore size
- Destroys bacteria responsible for inflammation
- Stimulates healthy tissue growth


Medical technology and clinical effectiveness in an at home product!

OMNILUX clear-U has been developed from an FDA cleared medical device that has been used by dermatologists worldwide for the successful treatment of acne.

OMNILUX clear-U uses light technology in the form of light emitting diodes to:

- Destroy the bacteria responsible for the inflammation
- Stimulate healthy tissue growth
- Decrease inflammation and pore size

Acne develops when the sebaceous glands in a person's skin produce excess oil (sebum). This oil combines with cells that line the gland walls and clogs the pores. Normal skin bacteria colonize these pores and the body's response causes the inflammation or reddening of the skin that we associate with acne. Researchers have discovered that something as simple as light holds the key to clearing up problem skin.

When your skin is flooded with alternating blue and red light, the bacteria self destructs and inflammation is decreased. Your acne fades and your skin heals. It's as simple as that!


Just two 20-minute treatments per week for four weeks (alternating blue and red light) gives you healthier and clearer skin.
Severe nodular acne or severe cystic acne is characterized by having a large number of red pimples (spots) and yellow pus filled spots (pustules), with several deep nodular lesions (a solid mass of skin like a knot that is either raised or can be felt under the skin). If you suffer from severe nodular acne or severe cystic acne you will NOT be suitable for this type of treatment. Please consult your doctor for a more appropriate treatment.

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What’s included?

•Omnilux Clear-U device
•Power supply
•User manual
•Warranty: 1 year

For further information:

Omnilux Clear - U FAQ's (PDF)


Omnilux Clear - U Brochure (PDF)


Omnilux Clear - U Information Sheet (PDF)


Device Comparison Chart (PDF)


Active treatment area:
Unit size:

Blue 415nm
Red 633nm

Don't use if you suffer with Lupus
Taking Roaccutane
Any medication that can cause photosensitivity.