NO2O Protecting Dry Sheet Mask

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- Effcetive, Innovative and instant dry masks
- NO Mess
- No Fuss
- NO H2O
- Mask can be used twice

NO2O Water Free Protecting Dry Sheet Mask

An innovative, dry-to-the-touch fabric mask infused with a blend of powerful and effective active ingredient,  which penetrate the skin for noticeably firmer, tighter,  hydrated and  plumper skin whilst protecting against further damage.

- Contains 93% Active Ingredients

- Leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated , soft and protected

- Immediate and long-term results

- Mask can be used twice


Key Ingredients:

Pichia Heedi Natural Extract - Reduces inflammation and enhances collagen production

Moringa Oil- Antioxidant which supports the skin's overall health

Shea Butter - A Natural fatty acid which nourishes and moisturises 

Carcinine Peptite  - Protects the skin from further damage and environmental stress



Cleanse the skin, removing make-up and dry the skin.

Apply printed side of the mask to the skin, slip over the ears and adjust position

Massage for 30 seconds to activate ingredients

Leave on for 15/20 mins then remove. 

Carefully fold and pop the mask back in the packet and reseal.

Repeat steps for second wear.



Biomimetic Micro Vectors (BMVs) are the science behind this breakthrough. Each mask contains millions of these micro-vectors loaded with active ingredients which melt on contact with the skin and penetrate the layers of the epidermis. As the skin absorbs them, so they release their active ingredients, enriching your skin and restoring its protective barrier.


Each individual’s skin is unique. The kinetic release of BMVs create a cutaneous reservoir of active ingredients which continue to work within the skin for up to 8 hours.

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