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Glycolic Acid Body Products

Glycolic acid can take care of your skin from head to toe!
Glycolic acid is a natural skin care product that is derived from sugar cane and is formulated in all different strengths to accommodate different skin types and concerns.

Glycolic acid is great for exfoliating dead surface skin cells from your body too. To improve sun damage, dry, rough skin texture, back acne, Ingrown hair and Keratosis pilaris (KP).
Glycolic acid can also be used to treat many dry skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, psoriasis and hyperkeratosis. AHAs, BHAs and PHA's have the ability to exfoliate or promote cell turnover rate, to help remove plaques and rough spots very effectively, without being overly irritating to the underlying skin layer. They also help bind water to the skin for extra skin hydration.
Never use such products on raw, broken or inflamed skin as it will sting, burn and further irritate already sensitive spots.

Below are products that contain Glycolic acid for the Body:

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