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Exuviance Vitamin C+ Anti Ageing Booster

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- 100% pure active formulation of Vitamin C
- Smooths and firms the skin
- Reduces pigmentation
- Protects against future damage


Targeted Treatments
Exuviance Vitamin C+ Anti Ageing Booster
A unique stability-enhanced Vitamin C formulation that firms, brightens and protects

This innovative anti-aging Vitamin C power helps protect and support a healthy rejuvenated complexion. Increasing collagen production to improve skin firmness and smoothness. Targeting melanin to improve skin discoloration and luminosity, while protecting skin from damaging free radicals

- 100% pure active formulation of Vitamin C
- Helps fade the look of dark spots and protects against future discoloration
- Increases collagen improving fine lines and wrinkles
- A patented super antioxidant, Aceta-C™, to enhance the natural anti ageing effects of Vitamin C
- Just Mix into a serum or moisturiser just prior to use.

Size: 10g
Contains 200+ uses

Discard bottle cap. Replace with dispensing cap and tightly close. Mix a few shakes or up to 1/2 scoop of this powder in the palm of your hand with your moisturiser or serum, just before application. Smooth mixture on clean face and neck. Can be used once or twice a day as desired. Use less powder if skin feels sensitive. Do not exceed 5 shakes or 1/2 scoop per use. Tap bottle to loosen powder when needed.

To protect the Vitamin C+ formulation, store capped tightly in cool dry place. Do not open cap; dispense from shaker. If powder gets “stuck”, tap the bottle lightly. If necessary use the scoop provided in place of shaker dispensing cap.

Can I use Vitamin C+ Anti ageing Booster with any formulation?
We recommend using this with a non-SPF/TiO2 moisturiser such as Evening Restorative Complex. Vitamin C reacts with the Titanium Dioxide found in some physical sunscreens and foundations producing a colour change that does not impact the safety or effectiveness of the product. In order to avoid the colour response, we recommend mixing the Vitamin C+ booster with a moisturiser or serum that does not contain titanium dioxide. For maximum benefit, the powder should not be mixed until just prior to application.

What does 100% actives mean?
The formula does not contain water or fillers, etc. All the ingredients are benefit ingredients.

How much Vitamin C am I getting?
Depending in the amount of serum or moisturizer used, 5 shakes delivers approximately a 10% formula. Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water. If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical assistance.

Storage: Store at 15°C-30°C (59°F-86°F). Protect powder and container from water and humidity. Store in dry place with cap tightly closed to maintain potency and prevent caking. Product may darken slightly over time; this does not reduce effectiveness.