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Wrinkle Filler

As we age, the skin changes, becomes modified, loses its natural moisture and deteriorates. Depressions form on the skin surface: wrinkles, visible signs of skin aging, especially on the face. With advancing age there is a considerable decrease in collagen and Hyaluronic acid content of the skin. Hyaluronic acid molecules are the main component of the connective tissue matrix. A Hyaluronic acid molecule is capable of increasing its volume more than 30 times, so its absence in the dermis results in the appearance of wrinkles and grooves that must be filled and decreased.

Treatment of these wrinkles requires regeneration and reshaping of the dermal matrix by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin, fibronectin, and Hyaluronic acid, substances that are no longer synthesized with the passage of time. Trying to incorporate these active agents, including hyaluronic acid, into the skin is complicated. We must overcome the difficulty of reaching the deeper layers of the skin so that fibroblast activity is increased and the synthesis of collagen and elastin achieved, thus recovering the volume lost over the years
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