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REPASKIN Actives photorepair by acting on DNA.
Uses exclusive shield-system technology designed to reinforce protection and repair skin DNA. Efficacy and results have been demonstrated in scientific studies. Protects skin from solar radiation and repairs cell DNA. Prevents appearance of wrinkles, stains, burns and other signs of severe skin damage.

The skin contains memory cells. Humans are exposed to numerous agents capable of damaging the skin, including UVA and UVB radiation, which can cause both direct and indirect damage to cells ans their DNA structure.

Our bodies activate natural protection mechanisms:

  • Increased thickness of the stratum corneum.
  • DNA repair.
  • Synthesis of antioxidant molecules.
  • Increased production of melanin.

But when defense mechanisms can be overwhelmed as a result of the accumulated damage.

Simple sunburn produces hundreds of thousands of mutagenic changes in DNA bases, completely changing DNA structure.

Sesderma has undertaken a new field of research on DNA repair enzymes that enhance cellular DNA repair and reduce the damage caused by UV radiation.

These enzymes are capable of repairing up to 50% of thymine dimers.

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