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Tips on How to keep your skin looking young

12th August, 2010

Caring for your skin from an early age with correct products and effective treatments will help delay the signs of age which occur as cell renewal begins to slow down.
The key to fresh clear and healthy skin is to turn over skin cell layers as quickly as possible. Cells replace themselves every 28 days when we are young, but this process slows up as we age to as many as 50 days.
Products which contain AHA’S (alpha hydroxyl acids), such as glycolic acid and BHA’s (beta hydroxyl acid) such as salicylic acid, increase skin exfoliation by shedding the top layer’s dull, dead cells, revealing a fresh new layer that has not been damaged by sun or other environmental irritants.
As well as stimulate collagen to make the skin appear plumper & firmer it also makes the skin absorb other products better.
AHA’s are a common additive to numerous skin care products including moisturisers, cleanser, toners, and masks.

Research has shown that free radiacls have been a major cause in keeping your skin from looking its best.
Free radicals are natural by products that can be triggered by pollutants, sunlight, stress, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. If left untreated, free radicals damage surrounding healthy cells, break down collagen, accelerate aging and even contribute to skin cancer.
Topical Antioxidants help neutralise free radicals, lighten skin, stimulate collagen and are anti-inflammatory as well as improve overall skin health.
Today, antioxidants play a central role in skincare, and they’re one of the three fundamental ingredients recommended by a dermatologist next to sunscreen and moisturisers.

The best beauty tip anyone can ever give you is to wear an SPF sunscreen every day, even when it is grey and cloudy outside as the damaging UVA and UVB rays can penetrate cloud and glass. It is important to choose a sunscreen that protects against both as they can both damage your skin. UVB rays are the rays that cause tanning and sunburn. Sunburn cannot only be very painful and look awful but is very dangerous for your skin as it increases your risks of developing skin cancer. UVA light penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB light and can cause premature ageing including wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.

Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner

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