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The Power of Peptides the latest trend in high tech skincare.

3rd August, 2018

 The latest peptide revolution from HydroPeptide

HydroPeptide is the next generation of anti-ageing with advanced peptide technologies.

    Peptides repair and restore the skin structure, help your skin look younger, repair damaged skin,  prevent and  slow down the ageing process.

  It’s never too early or late to start using them..

So what are they?

Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins within the skin. 

One important protein in our skin is collagen, which gives our skin its thickness and suppleness. As we age collagen breaks down in the skin from age and environmental factors like the sun and stress and wrinkles form.

Peptides applied topically to the skin help prompt the formation of new collagen, providing more youthful, supple looking skin.

There are different types of peptides, with a multitude of functions. Ones to help promote  collagen production (which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides helps relax repetitive facial muscle contractions (which softens wrinkles)


The HydroPeptide products have performance-based, medical-grade peptides to target wrinkles, discolouration, blemishes and other skincare concerns.

They are the latest dynamic entry into the anti-ageing skincare sector as they are a realistic alternative to Retinol and proven to heal and promote optimal skin health at the cellular level.

Best of all, all HydroPeptide products are paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types!

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