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23rd May, 2016

TEOXANE Laboratories are proud to introduce RE[COVER]COMPLEXION,
their latest product for post-aesthetic treatment. Experts
in aesthetic medicine and the design and manufacture
of Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers, TEOXANE are aware through
their partner doctors discussions of how important it is to accompany
patients beyond the doctors’ office to optimise results and patients
well-being after an aesthetic procedure.




RE[COVER]COMPLEXION SPF50 is a premium hybrid skincare and
make up product comprehensive solution:

– Suitable for post aesthetic treatment use on irritated or sensitized
– with soothing and moisturising properties (of Arnica and HA)
– with high covering properties of yellow and green pigments
including a SPF50 high sun protection to protect the skin from
UV rays.
The box contains 3 shades (light beige, light pink and dark beige)
that match each patient skin tone and face imperfection areas.
In-Vivo measures and testing were carried out on 16 volunteers
during seven days by an independent laboratory, in collaboration
with make-up artist Vanessa Benarroch. 100% found the product
covers, soothes and protects and 87.5% found it provided good coverage
of imperfections, redness and bruises.


TC: What are the rules of applying make-up after a cosmetic procedure?
VB: First of all, in cases of irritation or apparent redness, I always recommend
the use of a moisturising and soothing cream before makeup
is applied, to help to prevent or diminish inflammation.
This first skincare step helps truly address the cause of redness
and ensure sufficiently comfortable and moisturized skin that will
tolerate makeup.
Be careful, this skincare product must be hypoallergenic, which
is therefore suited to sensitised and healthy skin – meaning it’s non
contaminated, because skin is particularly fragile after a cosmetic
It is important to also check the skincare packaging as sometimes
the bottle itself can become contaminated. Skin is then ready for
makeup application.
TC: What type of product should be used to effectively conceal marks?
VB: First and foremost, we need a high-coverage product brimming
with colored pigments. They may come in several different shades:
Green pigments counteract redness in the skin tone, therefore must
work as a base tone on the formula for effective covering.
If you have experienced possible hematoma, the yellow pigments
will counteract the blue. Lastly, the concealer must suit your
natural skin tone.
Personally, I prefer cream textures with a powdery finish, which
ensures a good comfort level and a small amount of product goes a
long way on delivering a perfect finish.

People often ask me if it is possible to use their regular makeup
(concealer, cover-up) and my answer remains the same: it is
important to make sure that your product is clean meaning no
contaminated with pathogen agents and that your tools (brushes,
sponges) are clean because your skin is weakened, sensitive to
possible contamination.

TC: Do you have any tips for natural finish when concealing marks
and blemishes?
V.B.: After thoroughly moisturizing the skin, apply your foundation/
make up all over the face to even the complexion as step one and
then follow by correcting the color of the imperfections as step two.
Ideally, you should use a lightweight foundation that both evens the
skin tone and allows the skin to breathe after a procedure.
For application, you may use a foundation brush or a sponge – if
they have been carefully cleaned first. Warm a small amount of the
foundation with the brush or sponge to optimize its adherence and
then apply to red skin area or hematoma.
To avoid achieving a ‘plastered’ finish, ensure product application
is minimal and gradually build up to your desired coverage. The coverage
should appear effective and natural without drawing attention.
Blend by gently dabbing in with a sponge or fingertips. Start
over if results are not satisfactory.
TC : What do you think about RE[COVER]COMPLEXION SPF50 solution ?
VB : 3 skin tone correctors (light beige, dark beige and light pink)
together offering extremely high coverage, comfort and exceptional
finish. You may even use this product for small touchups on the complexion;
it is also perfect for concealing undereye circles.


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