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Q&A With Catherine Founder Of Rejuvenated

27th November, 2018

 Kathryn Danzey, the founder of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots.

How long have you worked in the beauty industry?

I’ve been fortunate to work in the beauty industry for over 40 years. It’s been fascinating to see how the industry has changed over that time, from cold creams and massages to modern technical equipment. There have been some constants though such as holistic practises; reiki, aromatherapy etc.  We are finding a harmony between the natural and scientific treatments to delay the visual appearance of the ageing process.

How and why did you found Rejuvenated?

We were fascinated by how nutrition affected not only our wellbeing but also the skin.  To get a truly healthy glow you need to consider four aspects.

  1. Skin care products.
  2. Treatments to enhance collagen and hydration.
  3. Food and supplementation.
  4. Stress levels and sleep

We actually started working on the concept of food for nourishment of the skin, or ‘beauty from within’ over 20 years ago.  It seemed obvious to us that there was a connection between the food that we eat and the overall appearance of the skin.  It led to us combining nutrition with our treatments and research into ingredients that we could use as supplementation.  It was at this time that we founded Rejuvenated to develop the concept.

Is Rejuvenated based in the UK

Rejuvenated is a British brand and we are based in Sheffield.  We manufacture in the north of the country and distribute from a warehouse in Woking.  Our entire team is based in the UK and we are still very much a family brand with the addition of some very special people to help us to develop and share our products worldwide.

What was the first product in the range?

Our bestseller Collagen Shots was our first ever product and we are thrilled that it has won awards every year for its efficacy and results. It came about after almost 10 years of research and development.  At the time the general public were not particularly concerned about healthy living and I came up with the idea of having a ‘beauty drink’ that would also help to nourish the body. It’s really amazing to see how the industry has grown in this area and we have now sold over 10 million Collagen Shots worldwide. 

Why is Collagen Shots so different to other collagen supplements on the market? 

We have customers who get in touch and say, ‘I’ve tried everything and nothing works like Collagen Shots.’When we formulated Collagen Shots we wanted our product to match the clinical trials.  Many companies quote clinical studies but don’t use a comparable amount of collagen. Our formulation has a very specific amino acid composition which allows for more collagen synthesis. Also antioxidants and minerals give added benefits of helping to protect the DNA.

Over and above our scientific spec is the fact that it tastes so lovely.  So important if we are drinking it every day.

If you had to take three Rejuvenated products on a desert island with you what would it be?

This isn’t fair, I love all our products! They have all come about because I really wanted them and felt that they were truly needed. But if really pushed I couldn’t go a day without Collagen Shots®, H3O Night Repair and Protein Smoothie. Protein Smoothie is my favourite meal of the day.

What’s been your personal highlight since launching the brand? 

The feedback from our customers on our products. It never fails to give us a warm feeling when we read how our products have changed people’s health and wellbeing.  We feel humbled that something which started out as an idea has made a difference to so many people.

Has there been any lows? 

On the other side of things, I feel every slight hiccup because we want everything to run as smoothly as possible for our customers.  If we get even the slightest complaint, we look to see how we can address that customer’s problem and how we can improve in the future.  On a personal note, I find product development exciting but it can be equally frustrating.  When you are trying to combine ingredients and they don’t blend the way that you want them to.

One of the results of this frustration was H3O Night Repair.  We had ordered astaxanthin to be part of H3O Hydration.  It’s an incredible ingredient with many health benefits, the only problem was that it tasted disgusting and there was no way that it could form part of a drink.  I eventually came up with the idea of putting it into a capsule that you take at night with the same electrolytes that are in H3O Hydration. H3O Night Repair is now our second bestselling product and an award winning one too.

What can we expect to see from Rejuvenated in the next couple of years? 

At Rejuvenated we only formulate products that we feel are really needed and there are 2 new products coming soon.   One has been in development for over 4 years and the other one has happened through our studies of amino acid proteins and how they enhance collagen production. 

There is also a new product in development and we’ve enlisted the help of a university to start clinical trials at the end of the year.  We are known for our skin protecting supplements but when customers find out more about us they realise that we offer a total well being range with advice on health and nutrition.  Our book, the Youth Plan will be out towards the end of the year.  It’s an easy to use 4-week youth boosting program that will have you glowing inside and out.

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