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Actinica Lotion broad spectrum UV protection – Product Review

9th November, 2017

Actinica Lotion has been formulated to provide an effective, broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Offering far better UV protection than most other commercial sunscreens, Actinica Lotion has been designed based on solid scientific evidence as to what ingredients work best to shield skin from the sun’s harmful radiation. Likewise, this product’s effectiveness has been widely studied and validated both by in-house and independent studies.

Actinica Lotion is able to provide broad spectrum sunscreen protection that shields your skin from the skin cell damaging effects of both UVA and UVB rays. It combines the beneficial sunscreen effects of physical and chemical UV blockers, in that the product’s formulation simultaneously blocks and reflects, and absorbs and transforms UV rays into harmless forms like heat.

It has been formulated especially for people who are at a higher risk than others of developing skin cancer due to UV exposure.

I was very keen to try out this medical sunscreen. You may know that I do suffer from pigmentation on my forehead, so anything that can prevent it from getting worse when I go out in the sun would be amazing for me.

My thoughts:

I liked the bottle with a pump dispenser – it looked very ‘medical’.

The product itself is a very thick cream, so it did take a while for it to really soak in. It didn’t leave my skin white looking, which is great considering it is a medical product.

Actinica Lotion is un-fragranced and contains moisturising properties. The lotion did not irritate my skin, nor did it feel greasy, but I did think that it felt a bit sticky.

From the point of protecting the skin, I think it provided excellent protection from the sun as normally my pigmentation darkens during sun exposure even with a high SPF, but during this holiday my pigmentation did not change.

Due to the fact Actinica Lotion isn’t cosmetically appealing, I wouldn’t wear it daily during the winter months, but I would definitely use it during the summer months or on holiday for ultimate protection.

If you need that extra bit of protection – maybe because of previous skin cancer or due to skin conditions that react to sun light (PLE), as well as Vitiligo, keratosis, pigmentation, rosacea, even prickly heat and many more, I would definitely recommend it.








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