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iS Clinical White Lightening Complex – Product Review

12th September, 2019

iS CLINICAL WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX SAFE BRIGHTENING, HYDRATING, ANTIOXIDANT   BENEFITS: – Safely lightens and brightens complexion – Smoothes and… Read More

Andrea’s Skincare Battle With Pigmentation

10th September, 2019

Andrea’s Pigmentation Tips I have suffered from pigmentation on my forehead since I had my first baby, so I have… Read More

Dermaceutic Yellow Cream – Product Review

6th September, 2019

DERMACEUTIC YELLOW CREAM Hydroquinone-free hyper-pigmentation treatment   – Targets dark spots – Inhibits melanin production – Contains AHAs and BHAs… Read More

Your SPF Questions Answered

5th September, 2019

Should a sunscreen be used with a daytime moisturiser or can it be used in place of one?   Advanced… Read More

iS CLINICAL Pigmentation Regime Steps

3rd September, 2019

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in which the darkening of the skin occurs due to an increase in melanin… Read More

Andrea’s Summer Skincare Tip’s

29th August, 2019

Summer time – My favourite time of the year! Here are my summer skin survival tips … When it comes… Read More

Psoriasis Awareness Month

28th August, 2019

Soothe and hydrate dry, flaky skin There is no present cure for psoriasis, but there are a number of drugs… Read More

What Is Powdered Sunscreen? Andrea’s Guide to Mineral Powder SPFs…

23rd August, 2019

Have you heard of mineral powder sunscreens?   We ask Andrea if a powder provides the same protection as a… Read More

iS Clinical Summer Duo

19th August, 2019

The suitcase essential kit from iS Clinical Summer has arrived, as has the season for summer getaways! Whether you’re turning… Read More

Priori Tetra SPF Colour Guide – Product Review

14th August, 2019

Do you want a sunscreen that does more than protect against UV? Cosmeceutical brands are right there when it comes… Read More